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Anyone here still reading this?
I wasn't a huge fan, but it's still sad that now it's been axed we'll never get to see Moka becoming relevant again.

Turning the main heroine into a chubby third wheel was such an odd and daring move, I was looking forward to see what the mangaka had in store for her.
i dropped it a while back and was thinking of picking it back up again when i heard the girl got turned into a fatty. shame it's been canceled.
In hindsight, get got what he deserved for hooking readers with romcom then turning the entire thing into manly men doing manly boxing.
In hindsight, the author got what he deserved for hooking readers with a pretty girl boxer and romcom, the turning the manga into manly men doing manly boxing.
>now it's been axed
Well fuck, I liked fatty Moka.
Japan don't like FATTIES

I'm way behind on reading it, but I'm terribly disappointed. I loved fat Moka and her situation made the whole story feel very real.
Sauce for cancelling. On baka it's still ongoing

>少年サンデーのボクシング漫画「 BUYUDEN 」終了。/作者「売れなかった」と不人気認める

>Shonen manga Buyuden ends/
>Author states "It didn't sell", recognizing it's unpopularity.
>it's been axed
Oh, no need to pick it up then.

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