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/a/, I just watched ep. 1 of Nisekoi, I don't know if I should keep watching.

>5 anime cliches in the first 5 minutes
>song by ClariS
>tsundere mean ass blonde cunt
>MC who got scolded by mean ass blonde cunt

Does it get better?

I'm sure it's going to end with the MC picking worst girl
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Nobody watched this yet or you guys just don't want to talk about it?
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>5 anime cliches in the first 5 minutes
>Does it get better
Uh, what? There are seriously people that don't know Nisekoi is the epitome of generic haremshit yet? The entire series is a cliche.
It gets a little better but there are only 5 episodes out so far. Couldn't tell you if it will keep getting better or not
It takes me 5 minutes to watch an episode of Nisekoi because I skip most of the dialogue and pause for the visuals.
It doesn't. It just adds more girls. If you don't like it by now you will never like it.

How the fuck have people not read and dropped Nisekoi yet? It's been shitting up WSJ for like 2 years now.
>get better
See that dude to the left or your image? He's not going to just fuck off.

That means it will still be shit.
It doesn't get better. The manga isn't even "OK". It's bad. Of course the adaptation is going to be worse.
It's shit, don't bother.
>Does it get better?
It's Shonen, so yes.

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