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Can Hentai effect the brain in similar ways that 3DPD porn does for addicts? Has there been any studies into it? I'm mainly I wonder if hentai would be a healthier replacement to porn, or if they're as bad as each other.

Porn is porn.

>mainly asking because

God, major brainfart constructing that sentence.
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> uk study
> hurr porn bad ban it all

Enjoy your retarded dictatorshit britbong
Must b terible to be addict to 3DPD porn.
Laughing produces addictive substances that alter the brain-s chemistry. It should be banned.
I like being addicted to 2D porn.
This is an unpublished study tiny of 19 'addicts' and 19 control. fMRI is very easily misinterpreted.

Might be acceptable for a preliminary study once it is published and peer-reviewed, doesn't prove anything.
Still enough for Cameron's propaganda.
I can't believe britbongs let these things happen right in their noses.
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>people with who suffer from compulsive behavior have a more active reward center in their brains similar to other people with compulsive behaviors

Wow. Devastating.
Better ban pornography.
>Dr Julia Long from the London Feminist Network said: “At the very moment we are having a national debate on the harms of pornography, and not least the enormous amount of porn in teenagers' and children's lives, XBIZ is holding sessions specifically aimed at combating any attempts to curb access to internet pornography.
>“Pornographers don't care about the damage their industry does. Their only concern is profit.”

Stopped right there.
File: 1391785539600.png (122.51 KB, 392x340)
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Damn, I still read the entire thing practically... And such terrible quoting. Fuck.
If there was ever a cause I could get behind, it would be the government has absolutely no hand in speech/content regulation. Feel sorry for the ukrags/britbongs.
>which tally with recent but unconfirmed reports in the US that porn addiction is no different from chemical or substance addiction,

You know, except that those addictions can actually kill you either directly or indirectly. I don't think being turned on from porn makes you unable to operate a motor vehicle.
File: Mazinbully.gif (241.81 KB, 350x563)
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>US Study
>Hurr durr it's sexist even though men are in it too

Enjoy your retarded study influenced by the gay agenda and edited by jews.
Huh, brain becomes more active when receiving a stimulus? How is this supposedly a bad thing to happen?
The logic is pretty simple.

>drugs are bad m'kay
>compulsive drug users have active reward centers
>compulsive porn users have active reward centers
>thus by the transitive property of guilt-by-association, viewing porn makes you an alcoholic crack-cocane addict
Porn makes you a blazer dude
I'm pretty sure any addiction leads to the similar brain activity.
>not fapping while being high as fuck
you're missing out
Then don't abuse porn. Also, I learned a fucking new language because of hentai.

So if that's the same effect as alcohol or drugs, I don't know anymore. Never heard of alcohol or drugs forcing people to think more other than simply fapping.
Porn stimulates you so OF COURSE they activate the same type of activity in your brain.

Do you know the difference porn has to alcohol and drugs?

The last two substances actually destroys your body and can lead you to killing people by driving under the influence or when working a very hazardous job. Unless you fap while you drive to porn or go to work and fap in your cubicle, fapping or watching porn does fucking nothing.

In an age where people are trying to legalize marijuana and alcohol is rampant, THIS is their argument against pornography?
Is the same effect, as long as your brain recognizes as a sexual stimulus. It can even be worse, since in the 2D mutilation, incest, pedophilia, gore, scat, you name it, don't have the limitations they do on the 3D. Asking here is like asking a Stoner if weed should be legal.
Fucking THIS!
You are in time to become a nun, /a/.
In the end Porn Addiction is more closely related to video games addiction than into drugs and alcohol. It won't kill you, it won't make you kill others or rape them, but it will affect your relationships with other people as well many other psychological factor inside of you.

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