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Which shows would /a/ like to see reboots of?
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Not that. Tokyo 2040 was good, and there's not really anyone in the pool of currently active pool of creators who I'd trust with BGC.

I'd love a second season of this, though; not with the same characters, but with the same format of "cute girls doing futuristic things in experimental ways". It lends itself really well to a 12-episode series. They could call it Another Seraphim Call and have a cast of eleven all-new girls and a guest director for each episode but the final one.
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It's time.
Tekkaman Blade
yu yu hakusho, actually. rather that than DBZ in my opinion
Tokyo 2040 had some really good elements to it, I was actually pleasantly surprised. When I first heard of the reboot I thought it was going to be shit.

Love that they gave Sylia Stingray a damn personality, just not one that I actually liked.

> there's not really anyone in the pool of currently active pool of creators who I'd trust with BG

This. I say let BC rest and maybe a few years down the road there will be someone with the capabilities to make a reboot that's even better than 2040.

I personally would love to see more episodes of Bubblegum Crash and the intended conclusion to that but I know that will never happen.

Would love to see one of Sailor Moon....whenever they decide to fucking release it and stop pushing back the release date.

A reboot of Gunsmith Cats that follows the entirety of the manga would be kick ass. 25-30 episodes would be a must watch for me. Maybe even a series for Riding Bean.

And finally, a reboot of Haja Taisei Dangaioh that will be vastly superior to that awful G-Dangaioh. Maybe this time we will get a sensible conclusion since the first two couldn't even give us that.
is there anyone is AIC left who can pull it off?

maybe Goro Taniguchi with AIC ASTA?

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