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So I just read this a while ago, and I'm stuck with the Alien Invasion arc where Iron or whatever his name is lost an arm.

Are there any new chapters after that one? Because Saitama.

Also, Saitama thread.
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Go read the webcomic
Pretty much this, I think the alien invasion arc where Murata's version is is around chapter 32

I know, but I'm not sure if there are new chapters after that chapter that I just read.


I don't get it.
what >>101735729 said

when you are done, read Mob Psycho 100
he means that the alien arc is somewhere around chapter 32 in the webcomic version. The webcomic version goes up to chapter 94 currently
>Are there any new chapters after that one?
there is one chapter after Iaian lost his arm
my guess is you read the american shonen jump version, right? You see, the japanese version upload pages every 2 weeks, but the artist, Murata, isn't always finished with a chapter so they update a chapter with new pages instead of complete new chapters. This is why the people who follow the fan scanlations get a new chapter sooner because the american shonen jump only translates them once a chapter is finished it think.

In other words, there is one, probably incomplete, chapter you haven't read yet, but you should also read the webcomic
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Oh, I get what your problem is.

You see, there is actually two versions of One Punch Man : one is a webcomic, drawn in the way of pic related. It's created by a guy named ONE (that also do another serie called Mob Psycho 100, you should check it out) and once you get past the art (which is rather funny), it's hella fun.

The second is the redrawn version of ONE's OPM, made by Murata. It's following the same plot with additionals chapters and a greater attention to details and key-scenes. You apparently finished Murata's version, which goes up to chapter 30-35 of the webcomic. The webcomic has been fully translated (about 94 chapters) and can be found on Batoto easily. Enjoy.

Thank you, Anons.

I just have a question; is the manga updated monthly or weekly?
Murata's version is updated biweekly (normally), sometimes an entire chapter, sometimes a few pages.

ONE's version update when the stars aligns a friday the 13th under a full moon. Sometimes.

>In other words, there is one, probably incomplete, chapter you haven't read yet, but you should also read the webcomic

I see. I've seen the webcomic but I got confused when I read it. Plus, what I got from the site that I read it from was incomplete. Like, random chapters were uploaded and such.

Yes, I think what I'm reading was the one from Murata. I'll go ahead and read it.

Thanks for enlightening me, Anons.
Ah. Thanks for the info.
I'll be sure to read the webcomic version now. I'll look for it.

Thanks again.
You know, it's kind of ironic
there are 2 versions of the same story, and yet BOTH artist don't have a proper release schedule.

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