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>Junketsu is Satsuki's "wedding" dress
>Satsuki's father is never shown in any ep(except the wedding dress part)
>He was wearing a suit
>When Ragyo showed Satsuki the original nexus thread it was creating suits
>Those suits looked exactly like the one Satsuki's father was wearing
Satsuki's "father" is the original nexus thread
>Satsuki has been drinking the same tea since she saw junketsu for the first time
>She has a rebellious side(not like ryuko being rebellious,but still rebellious)
That tea is a sedative to calm her rebellious side,something to get her ready for the "wedding"
When she loses her rebel side she will be able to wear junketsu better,or you can say that junketsu will be able to wear her better,she will be a perfect vessel,for what? the original nexus thread! They will unite as one and that will be "the wedding"She was raised to be worn by O.N.T. the whole time
Satsuki's dad is Isshin

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