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File: Amy_profile_picture.png (981.03 KB, 815x765)
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What are you saying that I should feel bad for prostituiting myself, I do it for my brother's sake, otherwise I wouldn't be able to buy medicine for him, also, prostituition isn't a bad job because people feel happy after they are done, unlike you Ledo, that as a soldier often make people or squids sad after you kill their families or acquaintances, you say that you do these things in order to prevent pirates or squids from killing us, but a bit of pillaging, rape or being a limb eaten has never hurt anybody, quite in fact, my late mother told me that she was raped when young and that actually made her life better. Being a soldier is a terrible thing Ledo, you end up being worse than HITLER (I don't even know what this means, but I've seen in some old books that this name means something bad) by doing it, so stop judging me just because I have sex for money, because you kill people and don't even earn nothing for it.
File: 13917997020115.jpg (112.20 KB, 731x537)
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Don't talk shit about my Amy.
File: Luca.jpg (39.94 KB, 576x926)
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Slut thread? Slut thread.
Amy's body is disgusting. I wouldn't even fuck her if she offered me free service.
File: sex.jpg (171.41 KB, 1136x939)
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171.41 KB JPG
File: 36720323.jpg (538.14 KB, 1000x1000)
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Season 2 when?
File: 1391370392254.png (246.80 KB, 350x447)
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shut up amy I have work to do
Amy is ripe for breeding. I hope if we ever get an S2, Ledo and Amy's relationship actually progresses.
If we get to see a pregnant Amy I will buy the Japanese BDs.
File: Spoiler Image (395.30 KB, 800x960)
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395.30 KB JPG
Nigga, please.
Ledo believes in reproductive freedom.
In summer? I mean, the whole "water everywhere, it is always sunny" gives off that summer vibe.

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