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Your waifu turned evil (or good if she was evil to begin with)
how fucked or blessed are you and her friends
File: 1387615748532.jpg (372.99 KB, 1416x2000)
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What if she's neither good nor evil, just French?
>implying the french aren't evil cunts
Perrine huh...
from what i remember she was quite good.
just had problems with expressing her feelings correctly.
so now she turns into an evil sadist.
File: 1386558647738.jpg (48.07 KB, 560x420)
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Well my waifu and her ship were technically evil for like 5,000 years during which she torched like 14 planets and demolished countless capital ships . After she stopped being under control from the actual evil person the entire universe benefited quite nicely.
yeah I'm not sure whether she's good or evil to begin with lol
>5.000 years.
>only 14 planets torched.
seriously... was she sleeping for like 98% of that time?
File: 1380986423729.jpg (81.47 KB, 1920x1080)
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Good or evil... doesn't matter, I'm blessed.

We don't have any friends; we only have each other.
lol I'm not sure that it always escalated to planet wide devastation. I think mostly she was sent after important pieces of technology.

She's one of the most straightforwardly evil characters in any Gainax anime ever when it comes to motive and method. The motive being the cannibalism of a giant space bird to gain its incredible cosmic power to steal shit on a planetary scale; her method being the emotional manipulation and abuse of a young boy and being willing to mind rape the entire human race and risk nuking cities to get what she wants.

She gets completely off the hook because the MC liked her and she helped him grow up a little, though, despite the fact that the story ends with her going off to continue her rampage somewhere else. And because she's cute and wacky. And has a sexy voice.
Yeah she's a monster...
damn that is sexy
so now she turns into a very good character.
can she still tie up nurses and steal their clothes?
File: 1334843620631.jpg (391.23 KB, 600x600)
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391.23 KB JPG
come on~ come closer to psycho Chihaya~
there's nothing to be afraid of~

but it would be embarrassing and very disturbing for the maids, so no.
fuck me.
i meant nurses.

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