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Is this shit translatet yet?
no but I translated ur mum last night lmao
>Oreimo 2.0

Please no more.
Is it wrong that I'm somewhat interested in this?
disliking oreimo is mainstream, so everyone does it.
How original
First chapter, and it's pretty bad.
The setting is just stupid.

His not blood related little sister has been a professional illustrator for several years and is only 12 years old.
He has been a professional light novel author for 4 or so years and is only 15.

I'm not saying that this is not possible, but at least make it a bit more realistic. Especially that anonymous shit and him not even knowing who his illustrator is, is just bullshit.
And the part about him being to afraid to read comments about his work made me really mad.
Also, his reaction towards the comments about his handwriting, really?

Chaos' English and grammar hasn't improved in the least and that makes it even worse.

Now you have been a bit spoiled, too bad that it seems to be popular and the anime is, more or less, inevitable.
So it is translated?
Sounds like it's meant to be absurd and not taken seriously, does it read that way or no?
Can't really say from the first chapter.
I guess it's a bit over the top.

If I haven't missed anything they are making their own living already as well.

The sister has her own online stream, like Murata, and obviously didn't forget to use a voice changer and to put a mask on when she shows her face.

That's also how MC figured out who his illustrator is, he saw the food he made for her on the stream.

Yet another funny coincidence, he found about the stream for the first time and watched it only then and suddenly, exactly then, she forgot to turn the cam off.

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