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In which order should I watch Ghost In Shell?

pic not related
>1995 film
>Nothing else

whats wrong with other works related to GIS?
Why would you help someone too lazy and stupid to use the archive and figure it out on his own?
>not watching Innocence
>not watching Solid State Society
>not watching Arise

Kill yourself faggot.
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here OP
Always watch in order of production, this applies to every franchise, no exceptions.

i think I will use your advice, thanks
also what about remakes, like Ghost in the Shell 2.0? Should I watch new versions or just stick to the originals?
Watch the original instead of 2.0.
Fucking airing order you twat.

Where does Arise fall? I haven't gotten to it yet.
Don't watch it, it sucks
It's an alternate continuity.

I hated the first one with all my energy, but I found the second one tolerable. Maybe the third one will focus on the best character Togusa and actually be great.
If you watch the movie and innocence before the series you'll end up dropping the series. It's way to light and uninteresting comparing it to the movies.
>way to light and uniterestin compared to the movies
Dah fuck anon
Gits SAC 2 has many dark themes and scenes in it
Gits SAC 1 and 2 have tons of interesting episodes and plot threads in them.
That is some nice bullshit friend. The series might not be as deep as the movies, but dropping it is dumb.

Order of production is just fine.

You should watch Arise too, since it takes place in the movies' universe and is a prelude to those. I didn't like it so far though.
>There are three different universes in the world of Ghost in the Shell
The manga, the two movies by Mamoru Oshii, and then Stand Alone Complex.
Feel free to start any one of them when you like, just go in order for in each universe.

>The Manga by Masamune Shirow:
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell 2: Man/Machine Interface
Ghost in the Shell 1.5: Human Error Processor
Notes: 1.5 is chapters edited out from volume 2.
Don't bother with reader after volume 1. It was mostly created
as a response to volume one's success and is universially panned.

>The Movies Directed by Mamoru Oshii:
Ghost in the Shell (1995)
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
Notes: The first movie is based off of the manga, but they are actuallyl
very differnt. The manga is much more episodic by chapter and many of the
short stories that apprear in it form the basis of quite a few episodes
to the 1st season of Stand Alone Complex and even a few are fitted into the
second season. Also, the movie plot is more accuartely discribed as a combination
of multiple shorts and changed around enough to form a larger overarching story
(a little similar to what was done with Akira). In order to met the funding for 2,
Studio Ghibli chipped in money and helped with the production of it.

>Stand Alone Complex:
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (series)
-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex-The Laughing Man (movie)
Ghost in the Shell: S.A. C. 2nd Gig (series)
-Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex-Individual Eleven (movie)
Ghost in the Shell: S.A. C. Solid State Society (movie)
Note: The pieces indicated by a - are optional works that are not required
to see in sequentail order. They are mostly abridgements of the series
(Individual Eleven has the same premise but a different story then the series).
I haven't seen them either but understood the stuff afterwards with ease.

maybe this helps
Solid State Society is decent. Arise has been pretty meh so far. Innocence is pretentious as fuck.
>The more quotes from literature, philosophy, and religion we cram in the smarter this movie gets!
Watch SAC first. Then watch the movies a while later. The movies are better, but its all good stuff.
> takes place in the movies' universe
Isn't Arise also an alternate setting?
Yes, it is GitS with Microsoft shilling.

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