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What would happen to the anime industry if every autistic person died?
Why would you care? You'd be dead.
Sick burn, brah.
Did the Simpsons ever had a whole episode to make fun of anime or manga?
There'd be total economic collapse in pretty much every entertainment industry.

The Age of Casuals would begin.
It'd get better.
not really; casuals watch hollywood cg movies
and ecchi would still appeal to teens, just a ton more moe (girls) and big3 like shows, and toy advertisement shows..
>casuals watch hollywood cg movies
But then they aren't casuals, they are just people who don't watch anime.
Nothing, because the people that have legitimate autism are too disabled to watch anime in the first place.
Moeshit would finally disappear
Is the naruto headband on your fedora too tight anon?
Yes and anime as it is now fills a particular niche even when people claim 'its dying' if it could get more casual it would. It's not like they don't want to it's that they can't horrible writing and shows that mostly consist of dialogue/talking heads and animation masturbation shows rarely sell and pale in comparison to western big budget productions; people looking for 'art/intellectual' stuff is even more niche.

more precure and arguably kyoani's works now
Naruto appeals to children and autists.
Without autists, anime would remain as a medium for intelligent adults.
They had an episode for miyazaki and all the ghibli films

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