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Okay, /a/. You're now in charge of Naruto Shippuden and can do whatever you want to do to change the show, but you can't end it because that would make thousands of autists commit suicide. How do you make Naruto good/better?
>but you can't end it because that would make thousands of autists commit suicide.
Are you saying I "can't" end it because inducing suicide is bad? Or I literally cannot actually end it? If the former I'll just end it. If the latter, I'll just air something else under the same name. Something with lolis.

Sage for observe my digits.
Make Shikamaru the main character
Madara murders every single cast member with his bare hands and wins, his plan executes successfully. The end.
why not just restart the story
Completely erase the resurrection jutsu and continue as is. No more reviving dead characters. The story immediately becomes 2x more suspenseful.

Orochimaru is an exception, that's just how his character works.
Am I allowed to restart? Because bullshit plot points aside I feel like this show could be improved immensely if the pacing didn't move at the speed of a cum drenched snail.

After that I'd put the main trio aside and make Rock Lee, Hinata, and Shikamaru the main character squad with Kakashi as team leader, since they're relatively interesting compared to the current MCs, never mind that Lee and Hinata have actual physical and/or spiritual hurdles to overcome instead of getting a kickass demon plus powers handed to them.

I'd keep the main villains; they're not completely unsalvageable.
Sasuke still leaves the village down the road but he'd receive motives that make actual sense. Naruto goes down in a last stand fighting off the Akatsuki when they decide to claim the Fox Spirit, but is ultimately a side character.
Restart to chapter 1. Hinata is the main character. Story progresses with her overlooking Naruto's solitude during the first half of their Academy days, fighting within herself for the courage to talk to him.

Naruto is wary of her since he was shunned all his life and after several key moments they become friends. More background and insight within the Hyuuga family, somehow tying in with the 4th Hokage, Senju, and Uchiha.

Friends but not inseparable. Team 7 and Team 8 days same as canon. After Zabuza arc, Hinata congratulates and berates him for being wreckless blah blah blah, relationship progresses, complete with waterworks.

Chuunin exam same as canon. More elaboration on her rehabilitation, Naruto actually taking the time to visit her and help her blah blah blah.

Chuunin final exam and invasion same as canon. Before timeskip, they promise to become stronger, Hinata promises to help him with his goals because that's her ninja way blah blah blah.

More emphasis on Team 8, their timeskip, etc. Gaara rescue arc same as canon.

Skip to present. Hinata doesn't fucking fall, instead rushes to Naruto's side by Sakura. Sakura keeping his heart beating while she performs the CPR.

Make Hinata the MC and not a little pussy bitch.

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Holly shit! You are perfection anon!
> Hinata doesn't fucking fall, instead rushes to Naruto's side by Sakura.
This! Why the fuck couldn't this happen? At this point I don't care if Sakura wins but If Kish is going to make Hinata lose to, he could have at least made her lose with some fucking dignity.

But instead we got "lol rock cuntblock"
Every character alive is filled with immense determination.
They all work together in perfect harmony and completely body Madara.
All of his attempts to attack or escape are foiled one by one as he's backed into the corner.
The assault is spearheaded by Hinata who looks extremely pissed off.
Insert some cheesy line about how Naruto was right about his friendship bullshit.
In the background, Sasuke is trying to crawl away but trips over everything.
Will Ten Ten and Temari be legit love interests for Shikamaru and Lee?

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