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File: avengersnk.jpg (94.25 KB, 510x317)
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The last anime you saw/manga you read is now owned by Marvel comics and the MC now joins either The Avengers of X-Men.

How does this makes you feel?
I'm reading Cromartie High School for the first rime ATM
> samurai flamenco
Everything will be perfect
>Witches vs. X-Men

I'm fine with this.
>Edward Elric

He'd fit right in with either

So Mechazawa is Ultron?
File: 1324170150992.jpg (119.98 KB, 720x1107)
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>Welcome to the NHK
I really don't know what to say.
File: ultimatum-teaser.jpg (251.62 KB, 1050x1350)
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Sure, why not?
File: 123.jpg (330.08 KB, 1399x959)
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I don't know what OP is planning but I'm completely okay with this.

>make new avengers team

Nick Fury actually became a hikkikomory during Civil War and Dark Reign.

It's not really that far-off.
Go back to /co/.
File: 25953.jpg (53.92 KB, 225x319)
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I don't mind some fabulous in Western capes.
File: dont we all.png (1.39 MB, 1280x800)
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>highschool dxd
i wouldn't mind
File: kayastanza.png (71.43 KB, 250x250)
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>Has some comic book knowledge

>"Lol go back 2 /co/"
She's a cute British HighSchool student by day, but by night she becomes CAPTAIN JAPAN
File: Misaka_mikoto.png (1.59 MB, 1415x760)
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1.59 MB PNG
I'm up for it.
File: 214527.jpg (50.33 KB, 225x350)
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YES Please.
Eh, I really don't like superhero stuff very much, too much invincible protagonist bullshit, just like shonen. Also Americans doing Jap stuff or Japs doing American stuff doesn't work.
File: samurai-flamenco.jpg (507.97 KB, 1200x1674)
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>Japs doing American stuff doesn't work

But it's already proven, m8
Rewatching Jinrui.
Thanks to fairy shennanigans, Watashi gets caught in a space-time vortex and transported to modern day earth. Several faries get kidnapped by some big bad who uses them to construct powerful evil (but largely useless) weapons of destruction.

She must team up with the X-men to save the fairies and return to her own world.

I think it would be called, Humanity is in Mutation?
Be prepared for sluttification of witches x 1000 and also 3dfication of witches.

Ah, so Watashi is Scarlet Witch.

No More Fairies
>re-reading Mx0

A series of events leads heroes and villains alike to believe that Taiga has powers just short of reality warping levels. He now fights super villains from other worlds, dimensions, and everything in between using only his wits while trying to keep others from learning he has no powers.
Lucy is there too because Lucy.

I miss Mx0 ;_;
File: 1324039529781.jpg (60.35 KB, 323x337)
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I know literally nothing about the Avengers or X-Men. Have seen neither movies nor read any of the comics nor seen any of the tv shows

so uh, I dunno. Who cares?
>/co/ thread

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