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/a/ Please help me out...I just bought Berserk volumes 1-30 in English from a guy for $300. Did I do good or did I get burned? I feel like I got a good deal but I've never bought manga in bulk before.
This board is so fast
There is a buyfag thread.

10$ per volume is around the usual price for new manga, and used manga should be cheaper except if it is out of print.
So did I do alright? I know a few volumes are very expensive but it was kind of a do or die situation so I went for it.
I think $10 a volume is about average, and Berserk's a pretty good read, so I'd say you did alright.

I just hope you don't end up hating Berserk or something.
I love Berserk, I just have no owned a physical copy. I read it on shitty manga sites so I wanted to own it and jumped on this deal. I'm just tryin to make sure I didn't get stiffed on the price.
The board is not fast, but you are impatient and also should know that decent Anons use the catalog and would see your thread for quite a while.

And you shouldn't have to ask /a/ if ten dollars per volume is expensive when it's just about the standard.
Searching the prices of any current translated series would tell you that.
should have asked for 200
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I bought volumes 1-32 in Japanese for a 100 dollars so I think you definitely got ripped off.

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