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>Refrain Subs
Which one and why?
I don't really think it matters.

Eh, the Refrain adaptation was okay, but at least it wasn't as awful as season one.
neither, you redownload and replay refrain and reenjoy it
If you haven't played the VN play that instead. If you have, Refrain Subs are more consistent with the VN translation so you'll probably enjoy it more.

Don't watch the anime without playing the VN.
I just finished it so I wanted to watch the anime all at once. I have UTW-Mazui for the first season and now I wanna download Refrain. But thanks, I'll probably get Refrain Subs then unless someone else says otherwise with good enough reasoning.
Refrain Subs for sure
Refrain subs then.

RefrainSubs dev here.
Just letting you know if you picked FFF, you wouldn't get CHEAP TRICKS, or "I'm glad you spent your time with an idiot like me" - no mention of him being an idiot.

We were going to release a batch with a lot of improvements, but we're waiting for the BDs at this point, since the TV rips all have some iffy quality issues at times without a BS11 rip.

We tried to keep the characterization and script close-sounding to the VN. Not making characters sound "off" was a focus of our script. Grammar early on could've used some improvements, but it gets better quickly.

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