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File: cowboy_bebop.jpg (139.36 KB, 1024x697)
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I'm sick and tired of reading the comparison between space dandy and cowboy bebop.

The shows are nothing like each other except they both involve spaceships and space.
So Outlaw Starr?
>Liking Cowboi /v/bop
>getting mad at people comparing it to shit dandy

might as well off yourself
also they are both directed by Watanabe
They are also both on Toonami, home of the casuals.
File: Daaandy.png (227.04 KB, 659x417)
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One follows a bounty hunter in space and the other follows an alien hunter in space. They even use the same currency. I think comparisons are kinda bound to happen.
also they both have woolongs
I read a very good descriptor here in that Cowboy Bebop is about 80% drama, 20% comedy, whereas Space Dandy is roughly the inverse of this
Its not that they are the same, but they have a lot of the same elements. Pretty much hunting unknown aliens is like hunting bounties, or how they keep running out of food which happened a lot in bebop. Then there was Dandy saying he doesn't like kids which is something Spike says. They also use the same currency not to mention they are both in space. This shits pretty much going to happen. Getting butthurt about it wont help.
I thought Dandy was a prequel of Spike's carefree days before he got all depressed.
That and they're both shit.

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