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AMV General thread.

Favorites, Comments, do you make or watch them?

Did AMV Hell make them obsolete?

Just a thread for links and general topic. see where it goes.
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I started watching these way back in the mid 90's. Just a novalty thing i had seen at some conventions. The first one that stuck in my head was "Father Of Mine" set to Eva. After that I wanted to see more, sadly that meant wading through way too many DBZ videos. and youtube didn't exist yet.
>General thread
MADs are superior.
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I want Yui's feet on my face
>Favorites, Comments, do you make or watch them?
I used to watch them a lot and make some occasionally. Managed to win an award for one at an anime convention. It's been a couple years since I bothered.
>Did AMV Hell make them obsolete?
Not really. I still see a lot of comedy AMVs that try to imitate that style, but it's also partially because most other comedy that don't do AMV hell style end up trying to force a single joke for too long. Not that all do, but it takes a lot of work to make a comedy AMV that's not "here's a funny song with some kinda fitting scenes from anime in the background." (See, almost any AMV with audio from Avenue Q or Johnathan Coulton)
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Oh that one is fun.
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>AMV General
No. Don't need a constant thread for this shit.
I know what you mean about the "it's just a funny song" ones. a lot of them are reaching. I had mentioned AMV hell because it seemed to fit this formula "Brevity is the soul of wit" like a glove. the jokes, even the bad ones aren't around long enough to grate on you.
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A recent favorite of mine

>hold me now
What a shit thread. OP, fuck off with your generals threads.

Thank you
I think it can kinda apply to most genres though. Action AMVs are just some rock song with a few fight scenes stuck in, drama AMVs are some somber song with some lel drama scenes, etc. It's just most obvious with a comedy AMV when someone tries to push a bad joke for too long. At least an action AMV that's just random fight scenes with a pumping rock song can be interesting to watch assuming at least some work went into it.
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Been tempted to sit down and watch Redline, Just never had the time. and the whole idea of stylized racing show just doesn't appeal.

I realized too that you can tell a lot about a show's fanbase by looking at the AMVs people make for it.

40538 Linkin Park AMV's for the same show... AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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