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choose a rap album /a/. got one?

That album's content and themes are now the inspiration for an anime. What kind of story does it generate? Which studio animates it? Who directs it?
>choose a rap album

I'm already at a loss
File: yeezus-new-cover.jpg (334.86 KB, 1446x1267)
334.86 KB
334.86 KB JPG

inb4 Yeezus
File: Queen_II.jpg (95.74 KB, 300x300)
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95.74 KB JPG
I can't imagine.
What's a rap?
What is the difference between hip hop and rap?
Hip-Hop is the genre of music. "To Rap" or "Rapping" is the style of singing or recitation of lyrics.
File: 074645393124.jpg (185.93 KB, 922x937)
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>Three lolis getting high and defending their turf

Could be neat I guess
File: the mako store.jpg (236.94 KB, 1280x1600)
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236.94 KB JPG
It's kill la kill but even more aggressive

Directed by Urobuchi
File: Spoiler Image (472.27 KB, 500x500)
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472.27 KB JPG
Fighting Foodons with bitches. The chef also becomes a millionaire.
File: nas being kawaii.jpg (30.69 KB, 300x300)
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30.69 KB JPG
Yutaka Yamamoto
File: 1377318641143.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF

/a/ confirmed for good taste.
from, /mu/
File: image.jpg (203.38 KB, 953x953)
203.38 KB
203.38 KB JPG
Two black men who are equal opposites try to become the greatest MC's in all of Atoranta.
File: front.jpg (393.34 KB, 1642x1236)
393.34 KB
393.34 KB JPG
It's the same thing

Just as an anime
Isn't /a/ the best taste in music in general? This is the only place that knows of kKing Crimson, Oingo Boingo, and such.

/co/ listens to taylor swift.
File: image.jpg (259.30 KB, 1280x720)
259.30 KB
259.30 KB JPG
Come on /a/. I figured you guys would at least know about the god-tier japanese dj Nujabes. He did some of the music on Samurai Champloo.

But if I had to pick one album to live with forever it would be Mos Def's "Black on Both Sides"
What is the story behind "o i am laffin"
Yeah, because King Crimson's so obscure
/mu/'s lorde made a tweet that changed the shape of memes to come
>Tangentially Related Normalshit

Not anime

Snow on tha Bluff anime when?
Nujabes is G.O.A.T
>But if I had to pick one album to live with forever it would be Mos Def's "Black on Both Sides"

That would make an interesting animu.

>>SoL of the Wu-tang living in the scummy streets of China.
File: Spoiler Image (66.86 KB, 500x500)
66.86 KB
66.86 KB JPG
Hilarious drug filled adventure until the last part where it takes a serious turn. Pissibly starring a loli or a christmas cake.

>ODB buggin' out with crazy anime mannerisms and faces, complete with explosion backgrounds and shit

fund it.
File: image.jpg (41.59 KB, 301x300)
41.59 KB
41.59 KB JPG
Octo-chan is a little girl from Jupiter with big ambitions of being a surgeon, unfortunately she can't stop killing her patients. How will Octo-chan and her group of friends get through medical school?
But anon, Nujabes is hip hop, not rap
File: Cover.jpg (105.09 KB, 951x924)
105.09 KB
105.09 KB JPG
I see your 36 Chambers and raise you the Dirty Version.
>Basically something related with Gainax. Crazy, over the top shit.
Anthology series with chess themes. It's implied that all the characters are actually themselves chess pieces in a game being played by two cosmic beings who control their universe.
File: ash_sooncome.jpg (24.66 KB, 300x296)
24.66 KB
24.66 KB JPG
>MC realizing everyone around him is wasting their life
>encourages people to stop being faggots through music
I don't know how this would go down.
>Album is basically a psychedelic story where the MC is trapped in rooms, falling through worlds, experiencing severe existential crisis, laced with lyrics dealing with the artist's own conversion to Islam.

Could be a cool OVA
File: R-1001829-1182728662.jpg (10.91 KB, 150x150)
10.91 KB
10.91 KB JPG
You could make an anime series about Che Guevara's trek all over South America with his best friend.
File: Deltron3030.jpg (33.11 KB, 240x212)
33.11 KB
33.11 KB JPG
It's already got an anime-grade story, the only question is who to animate it

File: 021544fb.jpg (87.22 KB, 800x800)
87.22 KB
87.22 KB JPG
The most innovative, edgy, and flat out retarded anime of all time.
The album already has a story, so a high school girl who's dad left meets a friend who is really the maifestation of her insecurities/schizophrenia, falls in love, maybe kills some people.

I don't know how to feel about this
I was going to say Trigger, if only because Old Gainax isn't an option
Tyler is great
American goes to japan for college and we see his adventures as the most ignorant motherfucker to ever live. And he's fully aware of it

captcha: ionvost Hospice
I like him, but the whole "I'm demonic I hate my dad gonna go rape someone" got repetitive after 3 albums. I still like his music though
File: Spoiler Image (23.65 KB, 280x280)
23.65 KB
23.65 KB JPG
I always thought he was just being silly, but they do have a common occurrence in themes. At least he's a bit creative about it.
Mite b cool.

Animated by Madhouse or MAPPA
Directed by I don't fucking know.
File: OutKast_-_Stankonia.jpg (22.79 KB, 306x309)
22.79 KB
22.79 KB JPG
something crazy and over the top. (prob think FLCL)
Two MCs try to survive in the modern age by their raw skills, animated by Shaft
Nujabes is highly overrated. He's very good, but not as good as people make him out to be.

Fat Jon is better

This is amazing.
File: Mugi gangsta rap.png (206.87 KB, 500x500)
206.87 KB
206.87 KB PNG
I think we all know
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (65.30 KB, 1280x720)
65.30 KB
65.30 KB JPG
Like K-On! except with they make southern hip hop and chopped and screwed while sipping lean and smoking weed constantly.

change nothing else though
File: Ready_To_Die.jpg (30.12 KB, 300x300)
30.12 KB
30.12 KB JPG
this gotta be good, i wouldn't be surprised if there's ever an anime based on 2pac
Rage Against the Machine and nu-metal bands use rap for lyrics but make music that is obviously not hip-hop

Meanwhile Instrumental Hip-Hop is literally that and has, typically, 0% non-sample vocals, so it's 0% rap
Me too. I have zero knowledge of hip hop.
>listen to sound bits
>content and themes are now the inspiration for an anime
So a delinquent fucks his girl, does drugs, and even drinks occasionally, but it's just normal shit for him. Some of his friends convince him to commit a robbery, and they get away scot-free the first few times.
But he can't cope with the feeling that he could be doing more with his life, and hates having to deal with thugs and authorities alike figuratively pissing on him every time their eyes meet.
After recalling the death of a stranger he witnessed as a child, he gets super drunk, accidentally gets a friend killed, and decides the first thing he can do to facilitate a change is to document his life

now imagine a story like that written by FKMT
You got me. As an anime it would be preachy, racist, spontaneous, sappy and amazing.
It is about a bunch of bakas who don't even smoke cheese, whats up with that?
So a normal shithead living in Detroit. Yawn.
File: The_Heist_Macklemore.jpg (111.91 KB, 730x730)
111.91 KB
111.91 KB JPG
A loli leads an army of her followers into the city where they go thrift shopping and even sleeps with a few girls herself but then regrets her own life when she gets caught up with booze and her Cadillac takes her places she's never seen before, then suddenly she realizes getting a record deal isn't the best method of making money but once she gets money, she spends it on booze and realizes there's more to life than alcohol so she turns her life around in the end.
File: The Cold Vein.jpg (67.98 KB, 800x800)
67.98 KB
67.98 KB JPG
It would be about a low level yakuza member, his rise to the top, and eventual fall.

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