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File: cg_a10.jpg (85 KB, 960x540)
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ITT characters you can't like no matter how hard you try
OP's mom

Before the movie, I fucking hated that cunt and everyone who worshiped that boring, uninteresting character who's only quality trait was to whip her hair and have nylons.
This, but I still don't like her even after the movie.
File: 1362805535528.jpg (70.72 KB, 300x297)
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>not liking red man

Same here, I hate her useless megane past self even more.
Rito, i hope he gets NTR'd hard.
File: Naruto_and_friends.png (1.45 MB, 1447x1026)
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1.45 MB PNG
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I wish Ruby had followed through.
File: you_will_never_win.jpg (24.77 KB, 234x230)
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>a bloo a bloo a bloo my life is so sad because I am immortal
>a bloo a bloo a bloo my life is so sad because I am immortal
Stop bullying Casshern anon
File: 1352405164294.gif (2.13 MB, 500x281)
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2.13 MB GIF
I hate this chuuni
File: 1351418537995.jpg (73.66 KB, 1280x720)
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>saves other people only to see them smile for his whole life
>becomes a counter guardian to save more people and see more people smile
>instead forced to kill people and never see anybody smile for the rest of eternity
File: 『!!.』.jpg (3.90 KB, 106x125)
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3.90 KB JPG
>you cant kill this goy
Funny because it's a lot easier to like Archer than it is to like Shirou.
I found Archer even more unlikable.
I started liking Archer after I played that Type-Moon SRW game and during that mission where its Archer, Lancer, and Rider vs hundreds of monsters with Lancer entering 4 turns late or whatever.

Rider was useless and dies in 1 hit and had evasion but lost its checks in like every fight.

Meanwhile Archer had like 10% and got knocked to 10% HP but proceeded to win evasion check every time and beat the shit out of everyone long enough for Lancer to show up and solo everything with his godly base damage and massive evasion.

I went from hating Archer and going meh to Lancer to Archer is amazing and Lancer is a literal god. Meanwhile I now hate Rider's guts.
Makes me laugh every time
File: url.png (148.52 KB, 225x350)
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148.52 KB PNG
this fucking piece of shit, he deserved to be NTR'ed to death
File: shot0347.jpg (120.53 KB, 1280x720)
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120.53 KB JPG
The worst part was how they made him look like Fei Fong Wong. Fucking pretender.
I just watched this for the first time recently, and shit, this nigga has some forgiving friends for all his bullshit. Just because you cry about it doesn't make it ok, it literally makes it worse.
Nigga you best step back unless you're POWDAH BRUE.
File: 1373841365506.png (113.49 KB, 367x357)
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113.49 KB PNG

Why did you remind me
just imagine rather than just punching him:
>Simon takes his gun
>shots him in the legs
>shots him in the gut
>rapes the megane TNT bitch
>he mind brakes her
>as she cums he shots her in the head
>brains fall over Rossiu's face
>she falls over him
>Simon leaves and Rossiu bleeds out
File: 79871.jpg (32.54 KB, 225x350)
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32.54 KB JPG
Seriously. Fuck this psycho bitch and her lolrandumb psychoXkillaX420XblazeXit bullshit. Everyone in these movies were either crazy or just plain stupid. Especially Captain Moralfag reasoning the cross-dressing druggy and of course red head killing that guy with her man-eating suitcase.
File: 1363545915811.jpg (207.05 KB, 650x800)
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