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So I was perusing the tvtropes on the berserk apostle Wyald and came across a section that said he was introduced "Having sex with a woman, snapping her neck, and throwing her on a growing pile" I didnt remember this scene, but after rereading the chapter its clear he was talking about this page. But i honestly dont think hes killing them, i think theyre alive. What do you guys think? I can post more of the scene for reference.
There'd probably be a "snap" sound effect.
File: Page 224.jpg (189.85 KB, 750x1100)
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Ive thought this as well, but i noticed a side by side with my version and a dark horse translation, and the dark horse had way more sound effects. It could be just an issue with my translation.
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I miss that monkey.

It was such a shame he didn't make it into the movies.
File: berserk-30797.jpg (155.77 KB, 1200x893)
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He really made an impression on me when i went through the manga, thats for sure. He was very entertaining for a villain.

Also since we are talking about berserk let me show you guys a couple pics, tell me what you think.
File: earthly_delights.jpg (93.50 KB, 846x493)
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This is from the 1500s.
if youd like to zoom in more, check out this image.
Most of the entries are tolerable but the actual manchildren sperglords of TVTropes believes that Berserk is targeted at mature adult men because of excessive well drawn violence.
Well i dont assume every person who reads /a/ is familiar with a reference in a late page of berserk to a painting 500 years old.

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