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hey /a/, i dont watch pokemon but i just woke up and it was on the channel i left on last night...my question...is there an episode where the chick from team rocket is nice? or pretends to be nice, or loses her memory and is nice? i ask because she seems like she'd be uber hot if she was the nice submissive type

picture is the closest thing to pokemon on my hd
Oh hey, I remember that...Wasn't all the cum in it a strange yellowish colour?
Yeas, but what else would you expect from mootxican hentai.
Jesse won't ever be nice because her first boyfriend was cruel and abusive and all the others rejected her. Plus she had to go to a goddamn pokemon nursing school FOR pokemon.

Shit is messed up.
is there actually a backstory episode or something?
yes theres alot of them.
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Jessie is a dominating bitch, so bend over.

There's a reason she has James dress up in the female outfits and she takes the suits.
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well beacuse james is a faggot for the most part.
There's an episode where a chick that looks like her wants to marry james. But I think she was beating the shit out of him too.
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i dont know about the mean boyferind thing, but the other story is that she is a rebel nurse joy. she didnt fit in with them and didnt want to do what they so. so she changed her name and became bad. the story is kind of sad.
i just wanna hold her.
nurse joy doesnt look hot to me...officer jenny on the other hand...

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