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Please help me fellow /a/nons.

>I have a friend who likes anime
>Suggests him to watch Persona 4 anime
>Friend said he loved the shit out of it despite not playing any SMT game prior.
>Then suggest him to watch JoJo anime
>Said he stopped after the first opening
>I ask why
>"The animation looks terrible," is his response.
>Feel rustled to how he couldn't handle the '80s fabulous manliness
>Adds on he can't handle those two types and enjoy all this echhi harem bs
>"Don't you have a girlfriend?"
>"Yes, but she doesn't care, not that you know how it would be like being single."
>Feel more rustled, tempting to enact .gif
>Year later, AoT/SnK became an anime
>Saw it, and must tell everyone to watch it
>Got him to saw it, he was not impressed
>Oh boy
>Claims the opening was garbage, refused to say why then just say "it sucks."
>Adds on the whole first episode was terrible for the same reason as the opening
>I catch him contradict himself saying he watched only the first five minutes
>He apologizes, then says he will watch the show when School Days becomes good
>Become too astonished to retort a comeback
>He watches an anime about a loli band and penguins instead
>I become worried
>Ever since, he has nothing but become soured over everything I talked about, like TTGL and Akira
>Still the same excuse as "It sucks." despite never watching said thing I gush over
>Concerned, I ask "Do you care about your credibility?"
>He says "I don't care or don't know what that term means."
>Rustle limits about to burst with butthurt

What is the answer to solve this problem /a/nons? Should I enact this .gif, pursue different friends, or what?
You could acknowledge you guys don't like the same shows or try liking the kind of shows he likes.
Get the fuck out.
>many words

Fuck off

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