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Hey /a/ it's your first waifu, why have you been neglecting her?
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>tfw there's no good Misty/Ash doujins anymore
She looks so pretty when she's drinking an old fat mans piss.
My first waifu was Ami. Misty a shit
Speak for yourself.

My first crush was Lila Sawyer.

None of you faggots can't touch my God Tier taste.
>ash x anyone doujins
ash is asexual and doesnt take his testosterone dose
What about that one with her in Chinese dress?
File: 1390664248145.jpg (39.70 KB, 340x340)
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>tfw first waifu was Card Captor Sakura
You're not the princess from Voltron. Still good though.
File: 1373152775910.jpg (241.60 KB, 699x1062)
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Asuka was my first waifu.

After some years, I came to realize she's a bitch and a whore.
File: 1366849491904.jpg (19.69 KB, 337x209)
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>tfw there arent any good misty ash doujins
File: sli.jpg (12.37 KB, 194x260)
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>you will never use your innate magical powers to aid her in capturing cards while being NTR'd the gay brother's boyfriend
I'm pretty sure my first waifu of any kind was Ami Mizuno.

>implying I ever neglected her

I went through the extra mile of purging (most of) the anime from my mind.

Needless to say, I kind of embrace the Happy Wheels-induced amnesia theory. That paralel's universe ass failed hard, let's move on the manga altverse. Protagonist leaves best girl for grabs, do the math.

Even her is better. In anime? I think she got hit by poison stings once protecting her Mr. Fish. In manga? FUCKING HORN DRILL.
File: android18.png (326.72 KB, 640x480)
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This scene made me feel the weirdest I ever felt in my childhood from a cartoon and did strange things to my penis so I think she might've been my first waifu.
File: 0-477.jpg (139.78 KB, 475x645)
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But my first waifu and my first fap was this mahou shoujo and I was like 10 at that time
File: Cagalli_057.jpg (48.42 KB, 640x480)
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48.42 KB JPG
I was young and impressionable.
No. It was Bulma in the early 90s.
Ash never bought her a new bike either, right?
File: 1375966322166.jpg (242.10 KB, 1484x600)
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242.10 KB JPG
>All these nigga's for Jupiter and Mercury

Raven haired Mars all the way
You know what's funny? Those two were supposetedly my first waifus. But if they ask me my fav sailor, it would be jupiter, she looks much more like wife material.
File: sobasu10.jpg (57.69 KB, 381x330)
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File: uhm.png (225.08 KB, 478x556)
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I had my first wet dream about Misty
My nigga
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Bitch please.

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