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File: loghrenge.jpg (93.73 KB, 477x358)
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Choose left or right.

The other anime will forever cease to exist and will be erased from everyone's memories for all time.

Is this even a debate?
why is this even a question
I choose Non Non Biyori.
LoGH was garbage for pretentious assholes while NNB is the greatest SoL ever made.
Who gives a shit about "everyone's memories"? Just be glad you watched anime you enjoyed in your lifetime. What do others' opinion matter?
Are you really trying to make a comparison between the two?
I never watched LoGH, so NNB. NNB was great, but it's also easily forgettable, so I wouldn't mind either.
>people actually think LoGH is good

You know its just a big troll right? Like how we say Boku no Pico is good.
I'm fairly sure OP is a retarded faggot who was intent of making a thread with little worth in either case.
NNB is a meme at this point
This is why /a/ hates the NNB fanbase.
-Everyone dies
-Unjustified amount of dialogue
-nothing cute about it
-terrible dated design

-Not gay
-Everyone survives
-Justified amount of dialogue
-Well rounded in term of kawaii-ness
-Fresh modern artstyle and design

I don't know op, you tell me
I love non non, and have not watched the other. Sorry space mens, but Renge shall live forever.
NNB has renge-chaaaaaan, my waifu!!!
Take your epic trolling and shove it up your asshole.
>mention of X fanbase in a shitposting thread
Fuck off.
NNB niggers have only seen 5 animes.
File: 1388995073959.jpg (8.21 KB, 434x299)
8.21 KB
8.21 KB JPG
>2-3 controversial NNB threads

Is this that IRC thing everyone is talking about?
>-nothing cute about it
I know you're baiting me, but seriously. This is too much.
Reported for shitposting.
Which doujin is the loli in the right side of the LOGH poster? It looks like decent lolicon artstyle.
Ape detected.
File: 1390450077141.jpg (86.98 KB, 400x579)
86.98 KB
86.98 KB JPG
I feel I am ill-equipped to answer your question in a non-biased fashion, OP, as I have never seen LoGH.

Polite sage and good day.

Also, why does ren-chon looks like a midget instead of a kid?
Because she has autism.
Another daily shit thread from the IRC NNB shitposter.
Another butthurt delusional NNB shit eater and his boogeyman paranoia.
File: 1337937596321.jpg (73.89 KB, 600x539)
73.89 KB
73.89 KB JPG
LOGH of course.
I'm more inclined to believe him given that IRC are a thing, thus dismissing them is silly.

I bet you get irate when people accuse viral marketers of virally marketing, too.
Can't we just merge them?
Get a life, nerd. Shitposting like this won't make yourself feel better.

I feel gr8 m8, are you perhaps projecting?
>gr8 m8
File: 1163669006665.jpg (27.06 KB, 642x481)
27.06 KB
27.06 KB JPG
Brilliant. Official Chikaru seal of approval.
>using the same NNB image from your "We all agree this anime was shit" threads

You sure enjoy stirring the pot, don't you?

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