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File: 1380609832424.jpg (99.79 KB, 316x397)
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Sayaka is wonderful.
File: 1329242394581.jpg (165.26 KB, 600x874)
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There is already a Madoturd thread


File: 1381689084507.jpg (18.96 KB, 300x300)
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>Mfw I have a KyouxSayaka Sign Board from the Rebellion showing and I don't even want it
Oh, shut up Kyouko
File: 1390626988854.gif (7.81 KB, 120x240)
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Lucky bastard. I got Godoka and some femboy behind me got KyouSaya and he wouldn't trade.
I would have traded, holy fuck. I wanted Godoka.
I could be a fem boy for you too.
Count your blessings, I didn't get any. ;_;

Yes, I know it's tiny cardboard.
Incoming another quality Madoka circlejerk thread filled with tumble fanfics, the same images all over again and waifufags.

I'd give all the cardboard in the world if it would unmake the third movie. I'd even become a magical girl.
But the third movie finally made you're waifu tolerable.
File: 1385710528781.jpg (406.58 KB, 701x783)
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Don't forget the Yuri!
Don't reply to spamming faggots.
I actually like series Sayaka more. I feel like we know that Sayaka better.

This new one is all at peace with herself and confident and so on which is grand, but we don't really know what she's like when she's in a crisis, and you only really see a character's true colours when something shakes them to their core.
You mean like when Homura rewrote the universe and Sayaka freaked out?
That's hardly the same level of suffering as in the series.
I want to hug Sayaka and tell her it's going to be alright.
Because it's a movie and it's Homura's movie to boot. There's plenty of suffering to be had later.
That costume is pretty lewd without the cape.
Yes that's the point, we don't really know this new Sayaka well. There's no way to tell if this Sayaka still has the same qualities inside that made people love/hate her in the series.
File: 1374202454953.jpg (84.27 KB, 500x500)
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I thought the same.

But I still like it.
So to summarize, you're buttmad Homurafags got a movie and you're waifu didn't get enough screen time despite her character arc taking up the majority of the series, am I getting that right?
File: 1391337079267.jpg (96 KB, 500x350)
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Raspberry is best fruit
No no, I don't like it when people say things like "But the third movie finally made you're waifu tolerable."

I think the third movie made Sayaka both less likeable and less dislikeable at the same time, because we simply don't know her as better now. Before she was highly polarising, which I consider to be a good thing. Now she's more bland.

The movie is fine, we got a good look into Homu.
Oh and her getting overwhelmingly more screen time in aforementioned movie than any other character except Homura.
File: 1365975015759.jpg (48.83 KB, 600x850)
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i'd dicker
File: 1373178289849.jpg (179.54 KB, 800x1000)
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I'd lover.
Oh, I thought you were the Sayakafag saying the movie shouldn't have been made at all and your justification was Sayaka wasn't developed enough and/or didn't have enough screen time, which is a bullshit reason.
File: 1391297918027.jpg (276.20 KB, 1042x1080)
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Stop sexualizing her that much
File: 1387851350977.jpg (142.82 KB, 960x768)
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Sayaka can bust a move.
File: 1390116988238.jpg (558.27 KB, 1000x1414)
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I just want Sayaka to be a main part of the second season.
File: Spoiler Image (368.41 KB, 1228x868)
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File: 1337026051159.jpg (20.45 KB, 255x345)
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I hope you are aware of this...
File: 41264739.jpg (285.31 KB, 800x800)
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I agree, Sayaka-chan is very wonderful.
File: 1373551065929.jpg (117.33 KB, 627x885)
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How can a girl be so beautiful and noble at the same time?

I think I'm going to cry ;_;
It's pretty much all but confirm. Gen said Sayaka is the only one with the intuition to see that the new world is not quite what it should be.

I just hope that if they do a S2 it's more mystery and metaphysical about Sayaka and the other megucas finding out about the nature of the world and search their feelings about weather they prefer an ideal dream world vs a real world with suffering.

I don't want it to turn into a shounen style "I must also get godly powers to defeat the devil" powerlevel shit.
I use to think Mami is the most sexual followed by Kyouko. Kyouko does give off that worldly vibe which suggests life experiences.

Then I realise idolising tits is purely a fan thing and Kyouko is actually the most innocent meguca. So now I think Sayaka is probably the most sexual followed by Homu.
Knowing the Urobutcher, it will probably be both, and most likely both will be deconstructed.
Urobuchi said he was done writing their stories, though who knows if he won't go back on his word. He wants new writers if they continue the Madoka franchise.
File: 41231384.jpg (774.98 KB, 1000x706)
774.98 KB
774.98 KB JPG
Her nobility and connection to a concept larger than herself give her a strength and clarity of purpose that shines out through her skin.
A faggot revealing his powerlevel to the general public?

I like Sayaka, anon. I'll always like Homu better, but all these faggots getting mad that Sayaka didn't get enough focus is really stupid considering her arc was like 6 episodes of the show (read: half the fucking show) and she still got boatloads of screentime relative to the other girls with the exception of Homura in the movie.

It's Homura's movie, like how the series was Madoka's, Sayaka's and Homura's show. Being mad Sayaka didn't get enough screentime in the movie is like being mad Junko didn't get enough screentime in the show. They both play important roles but in relation to the focus of each they're not worth spending a lot of time on in the space allotted.
That's the polite way of saying he wants off the cash cow before it crashes and burns.
>I don't want it to turn into a shounen style "I must also get godly powers to defeat the devil" powerlevel shit.
Or alternatively, have it be a dumbed-down version of your hope. Sayaka, channelling the popular perception of Marche, goes around declaring that "IT'S A DREAM, IT'S NOT HEALTHY" while Homura just does some "MUH WAIFU" supervillain act.

Didn't he only say he had written all he could about the story of Madoka and Homura? There are plenty of ways for him to take that.
That's not what he said. He said he was done writing Homura's story, just like he was done writing Madoka's in the series. Doesn't mean neither of them won't show up later.
File: sayaka heh.jpg (76.82 KB, 379x393)
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76.82 KB JPG
>A faggot revealing his powerlevel to the general public?
>Urobuchi said he was done writing their stories
Yeah, just like Miyazaki is done with making movies

I want to touch Sayaka's cheeks so badly.
>Or alternatively, have it be a dumbed-down version of your hope. Sayaka, channelling the popular perception of Marche, goes around declaring that "IT'S A DREAM, IT'S NOT HEALTHY" while Homura just does some "MUH WAIFU" supervillain act.

This is exactly what will happen ;_;
Are you saying that it's her great heart and her unrelenting strength what makes her shine and beautiful as a sunset near the sea?
Yeah. Though Madoka will probably be the main character again, stuck in the middle, torn between her desire to do right and her feelings for Homura.
File: sayaka righteous.jpg (245.74 KB, 2400x1431)
245.74 KB
245.74 KB JPG
Something along those lines, yes.
>Homura just does some "MUH WAIFU" supervillain act
You suddenly realize that Homura is Mr. Freeze.
File: 1373346155799.jpg (199.55 KB, 700x1820)
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199.55 KB JPG
Would you hug a sad Sayaka?
File: 10024514441.gif (499.56 KB, 500x231)
499.56 KB
499.56 KB GIF

Yes it is.

D-don't make me cry now with your wise selection of words, anon.
>either one is fine
Nakazawa confirmed for Sayaka's mom.
File: 1373359151412.jpg (93.24 KB, 400x400)
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93.24 KB JPG
>wise selection of words

I thought it was quite retarded.
That's taking into consideration both what he said about a possible new series after Rebellion and the interview for the movie itself.

>Urobuchi added that he would like to bring in new writers for the hypothetical new series. He explained that if new writers are not brought in and if he was no longer around, there may not be another Madoka project: "I think the story should outlive its creators."

Now I know a continuation of the movies wouldn't be a new series and that Urobuchi would still be around if needed, but we'll have to wait and see if he wants to cut into where Rebellion left off.
File: 1391248572971.png (139.12 KB, 335x339)
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139.12 KB PNG
Fuck you!
>her feelings for Homura
"After pairing up Mami with the witch that beheaded her in response to the fandom's popularisation of said pairing, we've decided to take things a step further and just make every girl an explicit lesbian with a desire to have nondescript sexual relations with the girl they were closest to at the end of Rebellion. You know, since you shits are so into that.

Don't pretend for a fucking second that you don't like it."

It all makes sense now. It's just that she freezes time instead of water.

I-it actually made me tear up a little.

Be a little more self confident, anon.
I kind of like the image of Sayaka's parents as being aloof and mostly uncaring. For some reason it just fits.
File: 1391281053295.jpg (45.14 KB, 619x800)
45.14 KB
45.14 KB JPG

Into the trash it goes
It's only tactical camouflage!
I highly doubt he'd just completely replace the writing staff and walk out on the show. It's like transferring a sales territory to a new salesman, you don't send him to do his first errands on his own. He seems worried that he won't have a successor, that's all.
Thank you anon.
File: ai yo.jpg (31.45 KB, 431x396)
31.45 KB
31.45 KB JPG

You're welcome
In that case, it's going to come along slowly. Urobuchi has a load of other projects he's currently working on that would require his full attention rather than supervising a writing staff.

There are those new spinoff manga coming out soon to look forward to.

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