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why are anime related meta shows and interviews from the US so fucking gay?


why cant they just sit at a table, smoke cigarettes and drink tea like in old 70ies BBC late-night chat shows and discuss anime/manga without narrators with a faggot voice mispronouncing japanese names and titles and stupid shaking cameras and jumpcuts which are supposed to make manga look full of action but often miss the point as for example fukumotos manga are not about action but suspension.
Because anime are for kids.
bump. where can I get decent translated interviews not aimed at kids?
this basically to some extent

Anime and Manga aren't marketed for people who watch BBC late-night chat shows, they are or most of them marketed for a much younger demographic.
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Because USA is a country full of arrogant, stupid people, who thinks they are the masters of everything. When they realize they're not, the ones who made them realize that are enemies. So yes, american interviews are shit, because the country is shit.

>the citizens of america hasn't realized this yet
>no one has killed themselves after realizing it.

Actually, these days tv-producers take mature audiences for kids too. Just look at CNN or fox news with all those exploding info-graphics and shit.

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