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What's with Satsuki's dad?
Where is he? Is he dead? Did her mother kill him? I think he is the key beyond Satsuki's revenge plan.
Dad was a life fibre.
her dad was a kamui and her mom is wearing him
He's likely a life fibre woved into Satsuki's Goku uniform.
Either he's dead or he's AikurĊ, i.e. dead sexy.
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Yeah he died. Satsuki killed him via Nui because her mom never explained why daddy suddenly disappeared or what his name was.
What's most interesting he is only one person in KlK whose words are in form of subtitles, other characters from flashbacks have voices.
Gendo reference when he killed that science woman in NGE.
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>Soroi's been pouring Satsuki tea ever since "that day"
>Satsuki calls the day where her dad showed her Junketsu where it really all began
>Flashback in episode 3 ends just as Junketsu opens his eyes
>Next time she sees the kamui it's all wrapped up in caution tape & on lockdown
Her father either was killed by Junketsu or Ragyo on that day.
He lost his life fibre this day and become a nudist
I doubt that he was killed. There'd be no reason to keep his voice and face *still* hidden. We've seen more of Kinue.
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Gotta keep hope alive.
There are still, what, seven episodes left? That's room for a lot of shocking revelations.

what i've got a hard time reconciling about this is satsuki would have to not remember what her father looks like, and, in the last episode, ragyo not acknowledging sensei's presence when he showed up with ryuko.
A lot of things start making sense when you consider the possibility of Mikisugi being her father and them planning to overthrow Ragyo together.
Like how the only damage to Nudist Beach's headquarters was mostly structural and how it was pointed out that Mikisugi ordered many of it's members to retreat before Nonon showed up.
The apparent destruction of Nudist Beach was necessary to get Ragyo to start the festival.
This is consistent with Electra theory with the exception that Mikisugi and Satsuki are in fact siblings plotting revenge for their father who Ragyo forcefully dethroned from REVOCS. If we had Mikisugi's age, it would be easier to figure out.

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