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King Agamemnon rules over Mycenae with his wife Clytemnestra. They have two daughters (Iphigenia and Chrysothemis) and a twin daughter-son pair (Electra and Orestes). As the first born son, Orestes is the rightful heir of the Mycenaean Throne.

Before the Trojan War, Agamemnon sacrifices Iphigenia to Artemis to aid his armies in battle, enraging Clytemestra who takes up a lover (Aegisthus) while Agamemnon is away at war. During this time, Electra sends Orestes away in Phocis in fear of her mother's wrath. In Phocis, Orestes meets his cousin Pylades who becomes his good friend. Once Agamemnon returns victorious, Clytemnestra and Aegisthus murder Agamemnon. Thus, Clytemnestra claims the Mycenaean Throne for herself.

Orestes hears of this, vows revenge for his father, and plots to take back his throne. Electra also vows revenge but has no means of achieving it. Chrysothemis apparently did that her father was murdered and stays allied with Clytemestra.

Years later once Orestes is fully grown, Orestes and Pylades travel to Mycenae. Orestes fakes his death. In doing so, they coincidentally meet Electra although they do not initially recognize each other due to the age difference. They team up to enact their revenge plot. Orestes hesitates before killing his mother but ultimately follows through once Pylades reassures him. They execute Aegisthus shortly thereafter in the same manner that Agamemnon was murdered. Orestes takes back the throne.
Electra = Satsuki
Orestes = Aikuro
Agamenon = Satsuki's Dad
Clytemnestra = Ragyo
Pylades = Tsumugu

Aegisthus = Life fibers

Chrysothemis = Nui? (minor character)
Iphigenia = Satsuki's dead sister?

Some inferences based on this theory:
REVOCS operates like a monarchy (reasonable since zeibatsu are traditionally family-controlled)
Ragyo witnessed the reawakening of life fibers and became allied with them
Ragyo murdered her husband (Satsuki's father) to take control of REVOCS to spread life fibers
Satsuki sent her twin brother Aikuro away when they were very young to protect him since he was REVOCS' rightful heir
Knowing the danger that life fibers posted, Aikuro and Tsumugu worked with Dr. Matoi on anti-life fiber technology
Satsuki planned her own revenge but will not ultimately succeed (next ep preview shows Ragyo still alive)
Satsuki still doesn't recognize Aikuro (she might think he's dead)
Aikuro never realized Satsuki's plot until the sword was in Ragyo
A teamup is imminent once they recognize each other
Life fibers will be the final boss, Ragyo must be killed first

KLK also integrates Buddhist mythology. Ragyo's Rainbow Body gave her precognition of Satsuki's plans and there are multiple symbolic elements that remain untapped. This will complicate the actual slaying of Ragyo and the Life Fiber Overlord. Ryuuko exists outside of the Electra myth but will almost asuredly be involved in the slayings.
Or this could be KlK's take on the Incident at Honnouji.
Well yeah, we've been waiting for that from the moment the name was announced, except we expected Nonon to betray Satsuki.
Why not both? Trigger is mixing Eastern and Western references with KLK. It makes more sense that they smash different mythologies and histories into single consistent story. Ragyo is clearly associated with the Western world. Something will come out of that.
Mako is Tom Bombadil and life fibres are the ring.
usually people talk of electra when analyzing girl characters in love with their father.
The psychological Electra complex developed out of the Electra myth which can certainly include father-lust.

Do you have a point? You make it hard to respond informatively when you just cite a single fact and nothing else.
calm down, Miss passive agressive 2014, it's just that the character of Electra is mentally weak and in love, which is diametrically opposite to Satsuki. Also she's in love with her father, which is completely unrelated to Satsuki.
Have you read Giraudoux's version in high school? nothing alike.
Asking if you have a point isn't passive aggressive dude. I want to understand your thoughts so that I can improve my theory or abandon it if it's untenable. Your initial comment was insufficient for that purpose. If you want to suggest a nicer way for me to say that, feel free.

Regarding Giraudoux's version, I am not sure if it is applicable. Personally, I am not familiar with that version. It was written after Freud identified the Electra complex as a condition (probably meaning that he emphasized that angle) and I'm not sure if Trigger would favor that version over the original Greek tragedies. Even if they did, I'm not sure your argument is sound.

You claim that Electra is mentally weak and in love. I can agree with this.
You claim that Satsuki is diametrically opposed to Electra, ie, mentally strong and loves no one. I disagree with this point.

The previous episode (at 6:40) showed that Satsuki has the capacity for compassion and she still thinks fondly of her father (presumably deceased). In her interactions with Ragyo, she was notably submissive up until the point of betrayal. Although she externally projects a strong and unemotional image to the masses, I would argue that internally she is closer to the average adolescent girl and is certainly capable of both mistakes and love.
but that's still not electra by miles

and the giraudoux play is just the textbook version of orestes' story, trust me
When your argument devolves to "trust me", I'm inclined not to trust you. You're expecting me to trust someone who claims to understand literature but fails to capitalize letters and properly punctuate sentences.

It is also unreasonable to expect that the stories will match exactly. As I noted there are multiple myths involving Electra and her family (some of which was translated into Japanese shifting the meaning even more) and there are also multiple mythologies and historical scenarios occurring in parallel in KLK. The conflation will erode much of the detail. However, since you have not specifically said which details don't match, I don't have anything to argue against and, accordingly, you still have not discredited my theory (assuming that is your objective here).
i'm not writing a letter, i don't care for punctuation and rules of writing

i'm not discrediting anything, the characters clearly don't match at all. Electra and Satsuki are way too different for your "theory" to be any valid at all.
I think he just means satsuki=matricide=electra. Then again his biggest paragraph is supposition so it might just be bait.
So your aim is to invalidate my theory. I apologize for misinterpreting.

I'm sorry for not trusting you, the literature buffs I have come into contact with generally use exacting grammar at all times just because they were conditioned to do so through schooling. I would readily trust you if you actually cited some relevant facts but you don't seem to be willing to do that.

It is a theory not a "theory". It offers an explanation for events up until now and offers predictions for the future. It can be objectively tested and I will be the first the abandon it if it turns out to not be true.

Knowing Trigger, it is certainly possible that it could be that simple for them. I could also be reading too far into things.

It is certainly possible to discredit/invalidate my theory by showing that my analogy between the events and characters of KLK and Electra is flawed. The anon that I'm arguing with claims that it is flawed but doesn't cite specifically how. In some sense I am trolling him by forcing him to be logically coherent but that is in the interest of argumentative objectivity. Either way, I'm applying considerably more effort than he his so I am not a very effective troll.
your post just happens to be 90% guessing and 10% 'Satsuki is Electra even though their characters are fundamentally different but i don't care lol, muh theory' Electra is a famous character in literature and mythology with a specific psyche and tragic story. Neither match satsuki from kill la kill.

also writing in that manner makes you look pedantic, stop trying so hard
Am I supposed to apply less effort to look cool? Is that where 4chan has come to? That's not I roll. Anyway, continuing,

The OP was 50% background, 10% errata, and 40% hypotheses that I derived from the background. A hypothesis is different from a guess in that it is not completely random but is forced to be consistent with some theory that a researcher wants to test. You certainly have a fair point in that my theory is unproven. However, it is not disproven. You have not explicitly shown how the current state of KLK cannot be interpreted using the Electra myth.

In post >>101693031 I clearly stated why I thought Satsuki could be compared to Electra. I will reiterate and expand here since there appears to be confusion.

Despite her strong and unemotional external demeanor, Satsuki's internal state shows signs that she is both weak and emotional. I clearly cited what scene led me to this conclusion and further rationalized this characterization by noting that Satsuki is ultimately just an adolescent girl. In your response, you implicitly agreed with my characterization by stating "but that's still not electra by miles".

I took that to mean that you agreed with my characterization of Satsuki but that you still didn't think that she could be compared to Electra even though I addressed your two main points.

If you did in fact disagree with my characterization of Satsuki, please let me at what point you did so.

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