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Did any /jp/s experienced this at one point?

Basically, I was a die hard Touhou fan starting from back in 2010 as I've done everything that is related to Touhou nearly every day. This includes playing games, reading doujins, listening to remixes, watching Nico videos etc.

It was fun and dandy until around beginning of last year where I started to lose interest in Touhou slowly. You could call it "Touhou Depression or overdose" as I no longer sought new remixes/doujins, play less games and don't really do a lot of Touhou "activities". I don't know what triggered for me to lose motivations suddenly but I no longer feel any fun aspect from Touhou.

Nowadays, I rarely do anything that is related to Touhou. Maybe once every months I'll probably download few doujins or check any news of Zun releasing a new game.
I kind of like to go back being a hardcore fan again though whenever I try to, it feels like a chore to do any things that is related to Touhou. Now I shifted my attention towards anime and other real life hobbies, Touhou isn't really a "thing" for me... What a damn shame.

To summarize, I got bored of Touhou but I want to get back into again (if possible that is).
You got the wrong board but if you replace to 2hus with animus then I say I am going through the same thing right now with anime.
Don't think of it as a chore and just do what's fun.
Ah dammit, I fucked it up big time.

Not to mention I can't even delete the thread.
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2ju thread

Which 2hu would establish a trust fund with?

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