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>Satsuki and the Devas, Tsumugu, Aikurou, and Ryuuko vs Nui, Rei, and Ragyo
Revocs is going to fucking style all over everyone, aren't they? The Devas are going to get jobbed by Nui instantly, and Ragyo looks just fine in the preview for next episode. To make matters worse, that black girl, Rei, is completely fine, and probably capable of wrecking some serious shit.

I guess what I have to ask is... will Mako be safe?
Mako intervenes, saves Ryuuko, but Ragyo kidnaps her. If we want to go full Trigger we say that was Ragyo's TRUE plan all along
>that black girl, Rei, is completely fine, and probably capable of wrecking some serious shit.
Stop this. I can actually see her as just a business women. Not everyone has to be powerlevel as fuck
I find it hilarious that you think anything is actually going to happen next week.

>they exchange a few attacks
>Ragyo and company retreat to her helicopter (despite having the upper hand)
>Ragyo challenges Satsuki to a rematch at REVOCS HQ
>Satsuki and Ryuuko spend the rest of the episode discussing their unlikely alliance
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You'd have to be retarded to think Rei isn't strong as fuck.
see you next week. GOing to link this post from the archive
Go ahead. It'll be great to see you eat your words.
I won't post it if I'm wrong
Oh, but I'll post it if you're wrong. And I'll stalk you every time you make a shitpost about /a/ never being right. I know exactly who you are, and I'm going to fucking humiliate you at every turn.

Your contrarion bullshit ends here, faggot.
I go crazy when nobody dies, I want to suffer.

I'm looking at you Mankanshoku
It must be nice to have someone care about you like that.
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There are other options of who could die.
Well, her parents already died.
>Satsuki and the Devas have the upper hand
>about to strike the final blow
>Ragyo collapses
>just a mass of joints and Life Fibers
>Satsuki realizes, shouts "IT'S A TRAP!"
>they all collapse
>Nui says "Oh now you realize?"
>3-star uniforms start welding the Devas to the floor
>Life Fibers create a massive vortex, with everyone trapped inside
>a mass army of soldier uniforms files rank, primed to attack
>meanwhile everyone's getting their shit kicked in
>Ryuuko's barely hanging on to her sanity, trying not to go berserk again
>Satsuki's fighting Nui, trying to take the advantage from her
>Mako's just sitting on her knees, horrified by the chaos around her
>it all builds up before she finally snaps
>a cry of magnitudes undiscovered
>power level as fuck
>Mako's true hidden power is unleashed
>no thoughts run through her head
>only one basic instinct
>kill Nui
>all the soldier uniforms try to stop her, to no avail
>Nui takes a few clean hits, but ultimately wins
>Mako is now a Priority-1 prisoner
>Rei has all of the unconscious attendants dragged off to prison for the big plan
>Satsuki, in a last fit of desperation, rips off Nui's eyepatch
>her deepest hatred is suddenly replaced with disbelief and fear
>Nui, in Ragyo's voice, "What, are you disappointed? You thought your mother could be saved?"
>stabs Satsuki in between the ribs
>unconscious, she's dragged off to prison with the others
>"Now that that's over with, the preparations can begin."
Are they actually confirmed dead?
>look mom i made another shitpost!

>implying everyone in the cocoons isn't safe
>the only one actually at risk in the audience is dickboy
I think Gamagori would be a plausible one to get himself killed, either for mako or satsuki
this is what will happen
just like alst episode they ended at a tense moment with ryuuko and tsumugu staring each other down. then nothing happeneded they brushed it off with comic relief and the episode moved on.
File: Capture3.png (28.67 KB, 669x438)
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File: 41456185_p14.jpg (168.32 KB, 1000x471)
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I too but only as long as it won't affect my favorite characters or if it won't lead to their death.
Well E4 are going to lose against Nui. The real question is...is she going to kill one of them? We know Ragyou isn't going to die either, it's too early for that. And who knows what Rei is going to do.
What are Rei's abilities anyway. I assume she has some kind of power
>Not everyone has to be powerlevel as fuck
This is Gainax we're talking about here

I imagine she's less powerful than Nui or Ragyou, but could take on the Devas pretty easily.
I wanna see a full Gama x Mako fight
She'll kill Jakuzure, because she knows how close Satsuki is to her
You mean love tenderly
>Not fight in bed
I don't think she cares about Satsuki. She is really interested in Ryuuko.
Post >yfw this was a ruse to get ryuuko on her side.
Probably just because she's jealous that Ryuuko was another girl who had Satsuki's focus
Satsuki will be consume by Junketsu. Mako will die trying to bring her back, which will unlock berserker mode for Gamagori and Ryuuko.
Why would Mako try to save Satsuki? She really has no reason to do that. Nonon or Gama are more likely to try that.
Because Mako will try to save anyone that is in trouble.

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