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You do know why they're called child-bearing hips, right? It's a subtle way of saying that a girl's vagina is so loose and wide that she could birth babies all day. Your dick is already small as it is, if you're girlfriendo has a wide vagina it'll feel even worse for the both of you.

Why do you like thigh gap again?
Thigh gap has nothing to do with child bearing hips where did you make this connection? Most people with thigh gap are stick thin.
Uh, no, they're called child-bearing hips because there's enough wideness in their pelvis to safely accommodate a baby of any size without the risk of needing a c-section.
Wide pelvis = wide vagina and anus. Giving birth naturally = getting even looser. Have you ever read about the horrors of childbirth? The organ gets so stretched that the clitoris is likely to be forever lost forever inside the vaginal folds. It's disgusting.
Your bone structure also has nothing to do with your weight
>Wide pelvis = wide vagina and anus
I don't understand how you think this would correlate. It certainly isn't self evident.
The vagina's tightness or looseness has nothing to do with the hips, and everything to do with the muscles that form it and the pelvic floor.

In other words, get a fit girl with child-bearing hips.
It was never claimed it does. The OP however seemed to be suggesting that thigh gap was a result of bone structure. I was pointing out it is a function of weight.
ITT: OP hasn't finished school.
Would you mind giving me your gynecologist ID OP?
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>Implying you could ever hope of pleasing Sayaka
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Only Kyouko can do that
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Sure. Defend your shit taste like Mami etc.

Maybe you are into scat like Hitomi.

Just kill yourself.
But Mami didn't insult Sayaka.

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