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File: kinue1.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080)
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Alright, let's figure out who Kinue is.

She's not Ragyo, unless the show is being really unfair with it's writing, because Kinue joined Nudist Beach, an organization dedicated to stopping Revocs and the Kiryuin conglomerate.

She could be Ryuuko's mom, but that would be fairly odd. Why would Ryuuko just have the power to splice with Seneketsu? It would be one thing if Kinue was pregnant when she underwent testing and a freak womb accident occurred, but she wasn't pregnant when testing the life fiber.

So here's my idea - Kinue is Ryuuko. Ryuuko is either, like, a clone of Kinue's cells after the accident, or a preservation of Kinue using life fibers and SCIENCE.

Remember, Kinue's last words were "Please continue the experiment." That gave Isshin carte blank to do what he would with her corpse.

So basically: Ryuuko is Kinue. Yes it sucks that she's a weapon forced to save the world, but she signed up for the fucking job. Tsumugu's attitude towards her is that of a deeply hurt older brother who can't figure out if the life fiber abomination is his sister reborn or just a ghost in a shell.
File: makoface.png (203.83 KB, 500x281)
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She looks like a grown up Mako to me.
they just said who she was in ep 17 moron
They said she was Tsumugu's sister. But she is obviously linked to Ryuuko, idiot.
>Ki Nue
>Killed Nui
Nui is a zombie.
this aint evangelion. shes not a soul embedded in the life fibers or some gay shit. her role in the story is finished, occams razor
A female and a male + the male has some sort of attachment to said female...like a sister one could say.

Time travelling mako and mataro confirmed.
File: 1359111808998.jpg (26.62 KB, 375x383)
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26.62 KB JPG
she's Ryuuko's mother
Tsumugu shares a part of Ryuuko's dna and that's why he was able to listen to Senketsu
She's Ryuuko's mom and Tsumugu's sister, Tsumugu = Ryuuko's uncle.
Isshin is Ryuuko's adoptive father. Who's Ryuuko real dad?
to add on to this, her role was to show why tsugumu was so driven to hate life fibers
Didn't they explicitly say last episode she was mohawk man's sister? She is also obviously ryuko's mother, why else hasn't she been mentioned? You now realize mohawk man is ryuko's uncle, notice the red detail in both their hair, runs in the family.
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (92.95 KB, 1280x720)
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92.95 KB JPG
If she is still alive the only person she could be is Nui
>this ain't evangelion
You haven't been paying very good attention to the last two episodes. Anno's markings are all over them.
I was going with Ryuuko's mother until now, but I really don't dislike your theory, OP. Especially the part regarding how Tsumugu interacts with her.

Could be true, but that would be so boring. And Tsumugu has a lot of room to grow, both as a player in the story and as a fully fleshed out and developed character, so it's fair to think we might still learn more about Kinue too.

>applying Occam's Razor to Kill la Kill
Ryuuko doesn't have a mother because she is the reincarnation of Kinue mixed with the life fibers woven into her. Isshin sent Ryuuko away to hide her from the presence of the Kiryuuins, and Ryuuko grew up in low income crime-ridden neighborhoods to remain hidden among the masses. The reason why Ryuuko synchronizes with Senketsu so well is because Ryuuko is partly life fibers.
Calling it now, she doesn't die. It will be implied that she did, but in some post-credits scene, she'll be shown to be alive, teasing a second season.
You ever notice how much Kinue looks like Mako?

You also ever notice how Mako's dad has the same "let me tell you two things" shtich as Tsumugu?

Tsumugu is Kinue's sister right?

I think Mako's dad is Kinue and Tsumugu's third sibling.
>second season
File: Gb8l8e.png.jpg (333.95 KB, 663x890)
333.95 KB
333.95 KB JPG
More importantly, why do we get shota penis instead of Nonons puffy vulva?
Nude Teacher is the father, that's why Tsumugu and him have the relationship they do, cuz they were brothers in law, and he cares about Ryuuko so much because it's his daughter. However....I also kinda think he's Satsuki's daddy....which i guess is possible, but I bet it's one or the other
File: Dharma_Wheel-450x450.png (82.98 KB, 450x450)
82.98 KB
82.98 KB PNG
>Ryuuko is Kinue
That would explain why she has the Dharma Wheel in her eyes. Buddhists are hardcore into reincarnation as most of you know.
File: puffy NANI SORE.jpg (111.79 KB, 1280x720)
111.79 KB
111.79 KB JPG
>Nonons puffy vulva
matarou episode next?

Nui and Ragyo will incapacitate Satsuki crew and Ryuuko crew and mataro is going to save the day.
File: Ryuuko a nyaaaaa~.jpg (77.45 KB, 720x822)
77.45 KB
77.45 KB JPG
>but I bet it's one or the other
>implying Ryuuko isn't Satsuki's beloved imouto
no joke, seeing you post this scared the shit outta me. I have a Dharma Wheel just like that one tattooed on my right arm.
Also, i did notice the eye pattern was the same, but if you look at Mikisugi's eyes in ep17, they have a similar, if not identical pattern
I was just wondering how mikisugi said they couldnt talk to others but senketsu spoke to tsumugu
File: dis scene.png (1.42 MB, 798x759)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
hahaha, could be, mang, i'm not shootin down any theories here. Especially one as pleasant as that
>implying Nui will help Ragyo
Maybe she will. I have no clue what Nui wants or what she'll do.
>dad mode engage
>Mataro hallelujah moment
Gee whiz oh boy

>Kinue is Ryuuko's mom
I don't know guys, her dad was an old as fuck science guy. Kinue looks pretty young from the glimpses we've had.
Just look at OP's pic and imagine that old hunchback banging that hourglass figure in the death tank.

Because they have good taste.
File: MUH IIMMOUTTTOOOO!!!.jpg (291.40 KB, 600x807)
291.40 KB
291.40 KB JPG
>I don't know guys, her dad was an old as fuck science guy. Kinue looks pretty young from the glimpses we've had.
Isshin was probably just Ryuuko's legal caretaker.

Perhaps out of obligation to Tsumugu for getting Kinue killed.

It makes sense if you consider that Ryuuko never once reflected on her parents
File: Based Isshin.gif (2.96 MB, 480x270)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
Or he was just pimp enough to tap that without anyone looking their way.

Tsumugu would have mentioned that, but he constantly treats her like a stranger.
File: Spiked Urinals.gif (2.79 MB, 480x272)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB GIF
Would you be warm to the girl who constantly wears the very thing that got your sister killed?

Why else do you think he was so adamant about destroying Senketsu if Ryuuko wouldn't wear him?
>Aikuro and Tsumugu brothers in law
Suddenly want.
More like the girl who killed his sister. Ryuuko is a half life fiber abomination.
How about clones
Get inside the fucking thing that killed you, Ryuko
If he is, he sure didn't give much of a fuck when Kinue was kill. The old man broke the glass and Tsumugu jumped down to get her.
File: Tsumugu carry Ryuko.jpg (163.48 KB, 1000x1054)
163.48 KB
163.48 KB JPG
>Kinue was Tsumugu's sister.
>Believed in Isshin's work enough that she volunteered to test NB's first Kamui, and asked them to continue the experiments even after they killed her.
>Ryuko said her mother died right after she was born.
>Both Ryuko and Tsumugu have black/red hair.
>Senketsu can talk to Ryuko because her DNA is spliced into his Life Fibers.
>He can also talk to Tsumugu if he really wants to.
Kinue was Ryuko's mom, Tsumugu is her uncle.
I have two theories regarding Ryuuko's existence.
1) Ryuuko is a genuine girl that Isshin experimented on to make her resistant to Life Fibers. Hence why she's afraid of things like needles.
2) Kinue was pregnant with Ryuuko at the time of the accident, and the fetus somehow survived, now infused with a small portion of Life Fibers.
Either Senketsu is Ryuko's mom, or Mako is. Either way, we get Japan's response to Frozen regarding TRUE LOVE
>(between two sisters)

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