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What do you guys think of Pretty Face?

Way back when it was first released in the states I read about it and instantly got hooked because I was going through a trap obsession that led to eventually realizing I liked that kinda stuff.

Anyway, I dig it. It had some fun characters. I was a little disappointed by the ending. I kinda wanted some sort of concrete finale. Rando and the Doctor guy were the best characters.
It got axed didn't it?
Pretty sure, and I agree with you OP. The characters were fun, the premise was really quirky. Shame about that ending.
I really liked the series. It should've continued. Damn it all.
It was great. Just simple fun really.
It's one of the first manga I read I have fond memories of it. It got cut short though. Too bad.
First time reading this was back in 6th (or was it 8th?).

Too bad the author has a habit of getting his manga axed to hell.

lesbian worst girl
OP here.

Yeah, I felt it was rushed but I didn't know it got cut back then. This was like, 2004 or something? I was in high school or just out of it.

I don't buy many physical copies of manga much except Yostuba. I have all five volumes of Pretty Face.

I feel pretty nostalgic now. I've been going through my stuff, found all eight copies of both Read or Die series with Yomiko and the Paper Sisters. I have all the original American Prints of Azumanga Daioh and the omnibus.

Never finished Alice on Deadlines. I only have two volumes. I wonder how that turned out. I almost wanna read it again.

Anyone know anything about one called Tetragrammaton Labryinth? It was pretty gory.

Also have a copy of some yuri manga called First Love Sisters. Don't know how that turned out.

Got a nice copy of this one yuri manga called Iono Sama Fanatics. It has a neat cover on it.

And lastly I seem to have found my two copies of Maka Maka which is apparently rare or something? I have volume 1 and 2. Their pretty good. I was looking for a yuri series and found it but it turns out it's highly pornographic but in a good way. The sex between the two chicks is kinda realistic.

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