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meh I'll bite
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I‘m fucking serious
There's barely any TF discussion though.
I'd also revive Cromartie, it was a coin toss between the two
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Holy shit.
Great taste, man.
yeah but that's the only series I can think of that was close to that description (most of the things I'm not fond of, most of /a/ isn't either)

wouldn't call GB a guilty pleasure
Mushishi, 12 Kingdoms, OreImo
Sekai Seifuku, nothing, Higurashi
I'm always sure, Star Driver, Monogatari
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No idea what to put in the middle.
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Although I understand why people don't talk about spacebros more.
There's not actually much to talk about.
>spice and wolf s3 never
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couldn't even get through the second episode of bakemonogatari, that convo where she puts on her cloths was quite possibly the most boring thing I've sat through in a long time.

Damn I agree with Chobits too
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File: magnificent octopus.jpg (270.26 KB, 920x920)
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I win, I made the best one.

Looks like you've only watched shows from 3x3 threads
He did.
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I wish /a/ talked about The Tatami Galaxy more. There are rarely threads, and a lot of them end up full of shitposting depending on the OP.
>wish to talk more about mushishi
Talk about what? best cigarette or best tree?
>eve no jikan overrated
Everytime it was mentioned here was either called ok or shit.
>wish ARIA anime never existed
>implying it would make any difference.
I actually do too, fucking nerds overrating it because of some dead VA, it's not even that healing compared to the manga.
>wish /a/ talked less os tatami galaxy.
But they rarely do.
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I'm a massive shonenshit fag and I refuse to feel sorry for it.
I bet you are 15.
File: 875676.png (171.91 KB, 711x404)
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I bet I'm not.

What's wrong, faggot? Are you that mad?
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I know Full Metal Panic! isn't that old, but it's the oldest show that I'm still waiting for a new season to come out.

I don't hate KLK either, I just don't get the hype, so I don't think we need multiple threads for it every single day.
Now that we both have bet you have to say your age.
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I love Cromartie but I think its length was just fine. It didn't need hundreds of episodes.

I almost put Star Drive as my overrated anime but I decided that I felt it really was as good as I treat it as. (Partially because I acknowledge it's not perfect.)
File: opinionschart.png (1.15 MB, 721x713)
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Sure, I'll bite.
File: dankmemes.jpg (324.14 KB, 1024x768)
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I'm well aware of my shit taste
Calling Total Eclipse anything other than complete shit would be overrating it.
File: anime.png (982.90 KB, 728x720)
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B-but it was fun
No it wasn't. Stop having fun.
Your wish is granted (in live action form).
File: anime_crap.jpg (306.80 KB, 720x720)
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There is nothing to really talk about with Planetes, and Fooly Cooly deserves all the praise it gets.

I interpreted "old" really liberally.

KLK is an okay show so far, but having ten threads on the board at all times is like laying out a welcome mat for /v/ermin to bring their shit taste and warped manchild values here. Every newfriend who has seen "five whole animes" now has a home here on /a/ thanks to idiots propagating the IRC brigade's "saving anime" stupidity. The strategy of getting newfriends to do the trolling for you by tricking them into believing they're jumping on the hottest new bandwagon was super effective against /a/, and it's a disgrace.
>possibility of good discussion

Stop posting lies
File: mossaicc.jpg (292.40 KB, 900x900)
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292.40 KB JPG
>mitsudomoe overrated by everyone
>Favorite anime is FLCL
>is a giant /a/ sheep

You're a douchebag.
What exactly is there to talk about Arakawa?
>implying my esteem for Fooly Cooly has anything to do with /a/

You're a moron.
Fucking faggot, why do you even post when you are the embodiment for what shit taste is.
File: Behold opinions.jpg (607.34 KB, 720x720)
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File: 1391782567154.jpg (227.77 KB, 710x722)
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I'm pathetic, I know.
I can never decide on a set favourite so decided to go with a random one from my top 5.
>wich arakawa wud u under the bridge
I haven't been paying attention to that. Is it looking any good so far?
File: Untitled.jpg (210.12 KB, 720x720)
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File: new 3x3.jpg (224.98 KB, 920x920)
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>Thermae Romae
I want a S2 too.
File: 1391782567154a.jpg (446.30 KB, 720x720)
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yu yu hakusho needs the same as hunterxhunter and a new arc because last one was fucking bullshit
File: mato.png (821 KB, 1144x698)
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821 KB PNG
>this level of SAO hatred
>even in /a/

seriously, what the fuck is wrong with it (apart, of course, from the second season elf thing)?
File: 1391782567154.jpg (107.60 KB, 719x720)
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107.60 KB JPG
This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. And for the record, I don't actually 'hate' any of these shows, except for Hidan no Aria.
It's popular and liked, so we have to go against the masses because we are so cool.
Am I cool yet?
sounds about right
Damn, I should have gone with DxD for my guilty pleasure.

Are you saying you like Madoka but you think we have too many threads, diluting their quality, or Rebellion in particular is your guilty pleasure?
Black Lagoon,GTO,Naruto
Bleach,Airmaster,Maken Ki
Yuyushiki,Black Lagoon,Anohana

it does suck a lot but I don't see what it is about it that warrants hatred on a scale as huge as it is.
There are way too many threads of Madoka being made which did dilute their quality and Rebellion is my guilty pleasure.
File: objective.jpg (606.24 KB, 720x720)
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File: 3x3.png (1.26 MB, 909x909)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
File: 13917825671541.jpg (248.33 KB, 720x720)
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File: 1378706615921.jpg (41.23 KB, 300x300)
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>kimono Yuno
When Rebellion first came out, the threads were good again since there was something to talk about beyond pairings, favorite girls, and push-up contests, but now they're back to the same old tune. Then again, I don't think we have too many threads, so much as those threads get to 450 posts in about two hour and are 90% image dumping and arguing over who the best meguca is.

>Steins;Gate favorite
>hates Hidamari
>loves Index
Spectacularly shit taste.

I only want to see more Gunsmith Cats if Radinov is brought back.

It is impossible to overrate Nichijou. And though the Azumanga adaptation had many weaknesses, the OST was phenomenal (minus the creepy OP and ED):
>It is impossible to overrate Nichijou

Nichijou has been overrated enough on /a/

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