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Yo /a/, I've been trying to recall the name of a manga I've read when I young. It's pretty damn niche and I've been trying without luck to find it...

I think it's in Japanese though it could've been in Chinese. I read it in one of those Chinese shounen jump thingies and I'm not sure whether or not it was translated.

From what I remember the plot revolves around three kids who discover three ancient sword devices which invoke ancient warrior spirits and their spirit swords, kinda like Shaman King. The protagonist wields a red double sword sword device, the other guy has a green one and it's like ridiculously long, think Gin long, the name of it is something to do with sparrow or something. That's all I can remember, but this has seriously been nagging the shit out of my mind lately.

Anyone can venture a guess into what this manga is called?

Pic related, It's what their swords look like. All energy like and whatnot.
It looks like he's about to cut himself.

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