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What did /a/ think of Shingeki no Kyoujin, better known as Attack on Titan in burgerland/gajinstan?
I think it was interesting and fun to watch but definitely not the best thing ever or the second coming of christ. You're going to get a lot of people saying it was shit simply because it's extremely popular.
It's not awful but I don't like it.

There isn't a single likable character in my opinion, no real depth to their personalities either.
Shit pacing.
Too many still shots.
I liked the idea of of small people working together to fight the overpowered titans but then people started transforming into titans and then it's nothing but boring fist fights.
It's popular because it's bad, not the other way around. Characters are empty shells, worse than any character in a Big 3 manga. Plot is grimderp garbage and the art/animation is dreadful, with poor use of music as well. It reminded me of the Transformers movies, except that it takes itself completely seriously
I think it's shit because it only creates questions through the show but never answer them, the characters are unidimensional and no character development.
i liked it when people didnt knew about it. now you have to suffer with those hidous tumblr shit normal fags.

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