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I just got through season 2 after taking a leisure trip to japan and losing my ass on the Pachinko machine. Fitting ending, and as a gambler I liked the show immensely, especially since there is like 2 girls shown in the entire anime.
>especially since there is like 2 girls shown in the entire anime.

I'm not trying to start anything but why does this make the show any better?
Breaking the traditional anime trope, they rely on storytelling and not fanservice, or at least the are realistic when it comes to gambling parlous (high stakes rooms are rarely frequented by women)

I saw your thread on /co/
Kill yourself OP.
Fukumoto does great women
yeah I'm on at 330, I have multiple tabs open, if you were the guy asking about language in parlors the answer is that you actually don't need to know to much Japanese, all you need to know is that when lights start flashing and the numbers start racking up you have won. Also bring a gas mask, the Japanese smoke like chimneys.

care to bet on it?
you should watch akagi, op
If you really like gambling, you should actually read some of the manga by the same guy.

Akagi and TEN for mahjong games

Tobaku Haouden Zero
Gin to Kin

are 2 other general gambling ones, both pretty good.

I have, I just prefer Kaiji because he seems like a more human character. Akagi is an alien.

they are tons of anime every year without fanservice dumbass
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Read Kurosawa

and there are plenty of autists on 4chan, but I happen to like Kaiji a lot, it really speaks to me. As a guy I rarely cry, but when he cries (abet often) in the show, he's losing a lot, or the stakes are incredibly high. If I were in his position, I would probably do the same thing in addition to shitting my pants.
There's something about Mikoko that I find really cute...

Also, not Kaiji or Fukumoto, but what did you guys thought about One Outs? Thinking of giving it a watch, maybe pick up the Liar Game manga too
Mikoko is mai waifu
That's great, it's a good show.

Has nothing to do with how many female characters the show has though.

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