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I liked this a lot.

Which usually means that nips hated it and it didn't sell well so S2 never, right?

Such a shame.
I want S2 as well

if only there was a better system to support the industry

so that small studios can recover the cost of production, don't say CR they contribute jack all

i know people can buy the BDs"JP version too costly, localized version if it's ever licensed"
Distributing the content isn't the issue, it's the fact that the nips don't like things that leave the cosy mould of average high school [x] doing romcom/SOL [x].
But more direct money can = opportunities for much needed sequels or
projects/new IPs which can be more riskier or creative that could add greater variety to the current anime meta.

I'm sure there are many out there would support mondaiji if there were more viable options to contribute.

so better distribution and merchandising for the international market could help gain extra cash for them even if it blows in sales back in JP

The industry can't keep ignoring the rest of the world,though some progress have been made in the past 10 years.

Also anyone with mondaiji sales details? Did it fail really hard or something?
Izayoi is shit
worse than Kirito and Touma
such a useless bunny
only good for her sex appeal
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If I could moon this would the first series I'd read.

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