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File: Cursors3.png (37.09 KB, 623x418)
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Hey, /a/! Anyone want some anime icons, ringtones, cursors??

I don't know if that link is safe, someone check for me.
That seems awfully stupid.
It's my SkyDrive.
SkyDrive -> sdrv
I can have anime as my cursor? Oh boy!
The Madoka OP, is it the one that plays in the arcade with Kyouko and Homu?
It's part of the actual theme song that plays when the show starts.
The one that starts:
Kawashita yakusoku waruenai yo me

That one. I downloaded the song and made 3 bits of it. 2 are very similar, though- 1 is played later and has less background music going on, while the other is overlaid with some of the tune. The other is the very first verse. (I forget which is which, though.
It MAY have been the one playing in the arcade, though, if I remember correctly.

All ringtones are between 7-12 seconds.
Typo, sorry: wasurenai*
Anyone try the cursors yet?

Do you like them?
why do this, OP?
Why do what? Offer the things I made? Make them at all?
Because it's fun, I guess. Also, because I haven't seen a large selection of anime cursors I wanted. I mean, there's large lists from big-time popular series that are relatively old (Inuyasha, Full Metal, etc.) Then, there's Miku cursors, but I rarely, if EVER see cursors from newER anime, let alone animated ones.
So, why not share the love?
Custom icons
Custom ringtones
Custom cursors

And besides, I wanted them, too, but I figure it's not likely I'm the only one.
Is that not a good reason?
Even though I'm not really interested, your effort is appreciated, thanks.

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