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So... What's up with that?
It's a safepoint for a "great" plottwist Kishi may or may not want to use later.
>It's a safepoint for a "great" plottwist Kishi may or may not want to use later.
It's too late for that, it's another potential twist Kishi set up and then forgot about or failed to follow up.
>Implying current Naruto who is dying isn't actuakky a superbunjin that can live much longer than other Bunjins and the real Naruto is still lurking around somewhere just waiting for Minato to give him the other half then he dissolves the bunjin returning the chakra to himself making Madara's Juubi incomplete and giving Naruto the full Kyuubi
>all according to keikaku
Kishimoto stated in an interview that he regrets for not having added those opportunities for plot twists earlier in the story.

I'd laugh at least.
I bet Kishi already forgot about that. Also I doubt that it's still Naruto's clone still fighting.
The Kagebunshin Madara's referring to is the one next to Kakashi and Guy that later uses the mini Bijuudama against him, only to get countered. The original is under Bee. Fucking hell, it even focuses on him on the last two panels

Sorry, no plot twists for you

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