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File: Secret Detective.jpg (296.92 KB, 500x682)
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Anyone familiar with this game, /a/? What's the storyline? Is it any good or at least interesting? I'm finding next to no info on it when I search
Whoah, shit, I've seen gameplay of this before. It was the background of a commentary video but it's there. Bumping while I find the video.
Sorry, only the first four minutes, but it's there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHEiryx4iV8

Mute audio, I'd suggest.
Definitely raises more questions than answers, particularly regarding grope-y tentacle-chan and Gendo's massive forehead. Still, the animations were worth a laugh.

My understanding of the game is that Shinji is a detective or something and that there are still Evas in the game. I'm really just curious as to what kind of spin the game has on the NGE story and how tentacle-chan relates to it all
Hope you can read Jap.


I'm actually interested in this too, I wonder if I could find a copy somewhere.
File: gendou.jpg (29.43 KB, 283x346)
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29.43 KB JPG

Found this as well, but that's about it.
Sick as hell. Graphics are shitty for when it came out, especially for the PS2's capabilities, but looks fun. Now I just need to learn enough moon to make it through a text-based game.
oh man this is the one with the naked lcl fistfight isn't it
If you have any info, please tell. I'm actually interested enough to try to get a copy or download now.
I don't have the link anymore, it was a while ago, but i remember someone posting a video of a boss fight that was shinji & kaworu(?) fighting in some instrumentality-like lcl thing

It should be pretty easy to find an .iso if you really hunt, most ps2 games are uploaded somewhere
File: shito_ikusei_screen_10.jpg (77.36 KB, 448x288)
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77.36 KB JPG
Fun fact: There was also a Tamagotchi type of game from the Wonderswan where you play as Kaji and have to take care of Adam and raise it up to be a nice strong Angelic Abomination!
Thanks. I rewatched EVA with some friends a week ago so I've got the itch again.
what an adorable little alien god-fetus
What do you know, a little searching wasn't so hard. I should probably research a bit more before requesting a console game again. Thanks.


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