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If she was going to take down Ragyo, why did she destroy the nudists?
They seem fine to me.
So satsuki can have the ceremony of victory and have her mother show up
Did you NOT see on the computer screen the data on the NB anti life fiber tech? The tailor had it up on screen. They probably stole the tech to combat ragyo
They weren't totally destroyed. Also I don't think Ragyou would have come to the academy (Satsuki's home turf) if preparations weren't complete.
You've missed Satsuki's biggest mistake, which was allowing everyone to be cocooned in clothing before she killed Ragyou. She probably assumed that once Ragyou died she could free them, but i'm thinking Nui will take the stage or Ragyou will absorb them to preserve her life and give herself godlike power
Satsuki's biggest mistake was letting Nui keep the scissor blade. It would've killed Ragyo if she used it.
She couldn't have Ragyou getting suspicious, so she attacked them, but intentionally didn't destroy them.

Considering the information that Satsuki has, I find it difficult to believe that she didn't know about the rest of the nudists' base.

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