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multiboard linking pahtway

try it okay
File: 1205242278879.jpg (21 KB, 282x217)
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If only the mods would pick up on your idea and sticky your threads in every page as tiny little letters representative of each board on the very top and bottom.
okay neverm mond janitor borke the link chain. i got all the way to /h/

this is the benefitical technology that has not ben using efectivelyt enough
green, im in a bind.

Im leaving for spring break and i dont have anywhere to leave my car.

Would you mind driving me to the airport? I already talked to your mom and she thinks its a great idea if i lend her my car. However, she's working on friday, and we both know you're free. If you take my car back to your place then your mom can go out and shit using my car.

also, how's that tyranid army coming along? I heard you wanted to paint them like the SOS dan, but seriously, you cant beat my angry marine battalion paint job.
And just in case you couldn't tell, yes, that is an invitation to have anal sex with me.
please if there is discussion in other forum leave it there.

one proper sticky in /a/ woyld be benefitical
seriously bro, we dont need that kind of shit here.

Im the only friend green's got! We share trips and everything! It does get kinda awkward holding two player DnD campaigns in his basement, but what are you gonna do?

Im a pedophile so there's no way ill want anal sex with green and he knows it.
discussion in the other forums?

oh right, ill just follow your little multiboard train to get to where i need to go.

To keep this /a/ related:
You remember that one time we ordered pizza and the delivery guy saw you in your sailor outfit? That was funny shit. We were just about finished with half of our Lucky Star marathon, weren't we?

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