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File: raildex parody.jpg (477.82 KB, 1062x1600)
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It's finally all complete

>But then he heard the scream of a cute girl.

>Kamijou and Touya both turned in the direction of the scream.

>Black smoke was rising from a building a short distance away. The relatively unfortunate girl named Itsuwa was waving her hands from a fifth floor window and shouting for help.

>The flag-raising father and son fell silent.

>Touya slowly loosened his tie and spoke to his son without looking away from the burning building.

>“Touma, you know what we must do, don’t you?”

>“Hah. Do you really have to ask?”

>Kamijou held out his right fist, Touya held out his fist, and they lightly bumped them together. They had already left Abandoned Misaka and Pet Misaka behind.

>And then the Kamijou father and son spoke in unison.

>“Okay!! Let’s risk our lives to save a girl!!”

>The two idiots raised their hands and delightedly charged into the burning building.

Seriously, I fear for all the women in the Raildex universe if both Touma and his father ever got drunk together.
File: 1346949433077.png (159.66 KB, 320x1237)
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159.66 KB PNG
>Abandoned Misaka x Touma OTP
>Double T
>Aogami final boss

This ride was too wild for me to handle.
File: 1366963667857.gif (1.30 MB, 512x288)
1.30 MB
1.30 MB GIF
>We need to be prepared for any number of dangers: all of the heroines being slaughtered one by one, the world being utterly destroyed, the final boss winning, the author dying without finishing it, etc.!!
File: son-of-a-bitch.png (31.63 KB, 322x332)
31.63 KB
31.63 KB PNG
>“Bahh!? Then what meaning was there in Tsuchimikado’s death!?”
>By the time Kamijou shouted out, it was too late.
>After crying for his friend who had died the most useless death in the history of the world, Kamijou Touma began a final attack.
>Kamijou paled and he saw Mikoto slowly standing up in the corner of his vision. Her uniform was in tatters and her skin was covered in scrapes. A trail of blood flowed from her mouth and bluish white sparks crackled around her.
>“Now you’ve done it. You’re a maggot that never even managed to become a pesky fly. Act like the side character you are and stay isolated in your British dorm, you idiot!! Gwa ha ha ha ha!!”
>As she laughed, Mikoto fired Railgun after Railgun. Kamijou could only cover his head with his hands, crouch down, and tremble.

Insane Misaka really is best Misaka.
Misaka Imouto is a qt
Okay, let's figure this out guys.

>"You have yet to resolve that which is related to the Sisters."
This one's too vague. There are too many things that are related to the Sisters.

>”[...]that which sleeps in British history.”

>”[...]that which waits at the deepest underground research division!”
This, too, could be just about anything.

>”[...]that which is stored in Ryouran Maid School. That will answer the question of why maids exist in this futuristic SF city.”
Ryouran Maid School has yet to be featured in any story.

>”[...]that which is related to the Imaginary Number District – Five Elements Institution. You’d make for a good lure.”
Kazakiri? But the parody story was released after Vol.11, well after Kazakiri was introduced...
Maybe he’s talking about FUSE=Kazakiri? Or perhaps Aiwass?

>”[...]defeat that which is hidden behind the Misaka Network”
Seems vague at first, but the key word here seems to be “defeat”. Can’t really think of anything hidden behind the Misaka Network that would need to be “defeated”. I’m hesitant to consider Berserk Mikoto in the current arc in Railgun, since she was never “hidden” behind anything.

>”I need to transport that delicate thing before long. Isn’t that right, Lidvia?”
No need to think about this one. It’s clearly the Croce di Pietro.

>”[...]that which writhes at a point in the Sahara takes precedence[...]”
Hasn’t come up yet.

>”[...]that forty meter thing which the Scottish royal family has kept hidden for over half a century has”
...I want to say this is just a joke but after the Star of Bethlehem, I don’t even know anymore...
I wonder what kind of adventures Touya had in his youth...
Croce de Pietro was before volume 14
I'd croce your pietro, anon.
File: embarrased-touma.png (22.42 KB, 141x251)
22.42 KB
22.42 KB PNG
Let's Star our Bethlehems all night long.
File: embarrased-index.png (55.79 KB, 463x297)
55.79 KB
55.79 KB PNG
You're making me blush anon
I want to calculate your vectors until you materialize your imaginary number district repeatedly.

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