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Just finished up the Greed Island arc and am currently torrenting the Chimera Ants arc, or at least all of it that's out. It's a bretty gud show. It's easy to keep mindlessly watching episode after episode without realizing you should probably fucking go to bed. Is the Chimera Ant arc good or what? A lot of people here seem to dislike the Greed Island arc but I thought it was cool, other than some of the nen bullshit.

Anyway, Hunter x Hunter thread
Before you watch Chimera Ants read the first chapter or so of the manga or watch the first episode of the old anime. The new anime left out a pretty important character up until his second appearance and they didn't really explain his relationship with Gon well enough in 2011.
I finished episode 76, so before 77 read it?
Yeah, the chapter won't spoil anything for you, it's just best to see Kaito's original appearance rather than the way the 2011 shows it to understand how he's important to Gon.
You missed one of the best parts of the GI arc that the anime cut out. There were more chapters and discussions involving the workings and plannings of the GI world. Togashi really thought this shit out and covered every one of his bases when he did. In universe speculah is one of my favorite aspects of HxH
Get ready OP Chimera ant arc is great it'll go down the direct opposite you think it will.
Chimera Arc is probably the best arc to date.

Get ready for super GON
File: 40325398_p38.jpg (164.66 KB, 600x744)
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you'll meet best waifu soon, OP
File: fawfa.jpg (265.77 KB, 1919x1079)
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Watching it right now. So good.
>you should probably fucking go to bed
This. I barely slept 6 hours in last 3 days, I shit you not. This show is addicting.
File: thebest.png (126.96 KB, 300x192)
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>Implying that Hisoka isn't the best waifu
File: muh dick.jpg (92.62 KB, 1280x720)
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He really is.
This isnt really a spoiler
but get ready for story-telling time litterally.
Before starting this series from very beginning I downloaded ep115 and watched it. Well
>"Let me explain..."
Yeah Id take your time catching up.
When I first started HxH (not that long ago actually) it was an immensely enjoyable ride, but waiting a week for about 5sec worth of actual animeworld time, is somewhat torture.
Not sure if on topic, but here's that music from hxh ost - hashire. I'm sure you all heard it many times.
It's somewhat similar to particular piece of classical music. Very famous. A slow march, brass, flute and drums. I don't remember how it's called and for some reason can't find it with just keywords. It's been in my head for days. It goes like this:
I can only hope someone could recognize it.
File: melody__hxh.jpg (92.83 KB, 1920x1080)
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Bolero by Ravel.
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Truly thank you, Melody. Now I can sleep again.

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