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i hav 2 get up. i hav 2 fight teh titans
no eren. u are the titans
then eren was a titan

Seriously, what the fuck. I have no idea how this is so popular, this anime is absolutely terrible. I'm not even baiting, it really is that bad. It should be called "Watch edgy humans ride horses while unnamed minor characters get killed".
Also, it's boring as fuck.
Arby n' the Chief reference?
It's alot better then the slice of life shit /a has on here, most of you fucking virgins don't even talk about good animes, it's mostly just talking about le waifus and retarded shit. The show is actually good.
It was an interesting concept op. That is only reason why I can think it did.
Buzzword general
edgy has been wround since vampirefreks
It's better than most.
cause it is interesting and has characters people like?

rather this than moe and harem shows
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the holy trinity of bland MCs
>Muh fighting
>Muh brains
>muh spirit
yeah, think you gotta try a little harder there son.
you mean like
Kirito 2.0 and Kenny from Beyblade?
Its funny cause he is actually right.
>let's fuck shit up
File: 1391206158396.png (28.31 KB, 625x626)
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i smell samefag over here
>there are people that would rather watch moeshit

at least it has a stroy (albeit a terrible one)
>Kirito 2.0
Erens life is not perfect and he loses way more than he wins. Hes not Mr.Perfect and he does not have a harem
File: 1390467364206.png (175.74 KB, 1205x535)
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happy now?
Still not seeing the similarity to Eren. Even his transformation was explained and set up from the beginning
File: 1389640611614.jpg (113.58 KB, 1280x720)
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the titan tranformation ruined the SnK
the gamebreaking willpower shit ruined SAO
both are special snowflakes
both are edgemasters in their respective series
you still dont see it?
File: 1389056029248.png (444.54 KB, 712x810)
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And here I thought that Eren was actually gonna stay dead when he got chomped on by that titan on his first assignment.
>the titan tranformation ruined the SnK
Only because of how sudden it was. If it had been done later and a few more things had been established and character relationships fleshed out then it would have been good
>the gamebreaking willpower shit ruined SAO
SAO was ruined LOOOOOOOOOOOONG before that. SAO was ruined the momment a fucking honey moon too the center stage
>both are special snowflakes
There is an explanation that was set up for the beginning as to why eren can transform
There is still no explanation as to why kirito having willpower can break the game
>both are edgemasters in their respective series
stop using that word
>you still dont see it?
Nope still dont
i find it funny you dont argue against the kenny from beyblade thing
>There is an explanation that was set up for the beginning as to why eren can transform
dosen't make it any less retarded
>why my unpopular opinion is shit
why indeed OP
I admit that the show held me up until the episode after that. It was like seed fallen upon stony ground that had no depth of earth; it sprang up enthusiastically but had no staying power and soon withered.
File: Spike.jpg (5.18 KB, 251x263)
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It has a unique and interesting setting.

Isayama carefully wraps the setting in mystery and only skillfully plants more questions whenever he reveals even a slight amount of information - mystery is appealing.

The show forgoes most tropes and anime customs which completely disgust most normal people. The characters feel like relatable, realistic people rather than the shit tier otaku pandering female characters in most other anime/manga.

The grim reality of existence that Isayama portrays is very popular right now because, much like ASOIAF (Game of thrones for you /tv/ plebs) it is perceived to go against the grain of most fiction in its dark portrayal of war and death.

The art and concept is very unnerving, and Isayama's titan designs and art is incredible. Isayama being shit and drawing normal human proportions actually works for him, in that it allows him to draw all sorts of fucked up monsters, although a lot of this is lost in the anime adaption, where everything is more normalised.

Eren being a titan, and Berthold, Reiner and Annie also being titans is there from the very start of the series, it's part of it. It's a natural way to go, since without the human element the story would become very repetitive and boring. Isayama has layered the mystery of the titans at the very heart of his story, and even 54 chapters in, very little has been revealed.

The entirely western pseudo-historical setting is naturally very appealing to westerners, yet the protagonists Eren and Mikasa still seem Japanese enough to the Japanese fans to keep them interested (much like Amuro Ray from MSG).

Honestly, it's quite a compelling series. Willpower means nothing in SnK, the manga is told from a very realist point of view. All the typical shounen "friendship gives me strength", "willpower" and whatnot are simply not present. Power is power and whoever has the most rules over life or death. And the entire manga is a rollercoaster ride of a struggle for survival.
File: good job.gif (1.03 MB, 480x360)
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1.03 MB GIF
you win anon.
but you're still a faggot for posting that wall of text
The setting is kind of interesting. Otherwise, it's pretty bad.
I dont know what you are smoking OP
everything in the show is really well foreshadowed
Story is good, Lore is really well made and surprisingly detailed, characters other than eren are good/realistic. besides that, animation and soundtrack is also great
It's not moeshit so it's terrible

are you implying /a/ dosen't like NgE?

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