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For anyone who's rewatched any series, how different is the experience the second time watching it?

I'm currently rewatching Aria and I've grown more appreciate of it despite only watching one episode so far.
meant appreciative*
Sora no Woto gets better every single time I've rewatched it, and I've watched it at least 8 times.
That's some real dedication right there anon. Kanata has to be your waifu.
Not really. Like once a year during the /a/ stream and another 1-2 times randomly through the year.
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When i feel down i watch the last episode of Origination to pick myself up

I, too, loved Aria even more the second time around. I think it's because upon my second viewing of the second and especially first season, I was more emotionally attached to the characters than I was on first viewing.

Anyways, Aria = GOAT
Its fucking shit.

Non Non Biyori does everything Aria does but better x10.
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Here's a little something that should cheer you right up.

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That's how I feel on my second viewer even though I'm just a couple episodes into the first season.

I almost teared up just from watching the first episode ;_;
I enjoy Endless Eight more and more with each rewatch. Sometimes I'm tempted to start marathoning it.
Why don't you just rewatch Disappearance?
I do. I rewatch E8 first, though.

IRC plz. Everyone knows you're reverse trolling the NNB fanbase. You're fooling nobody.

And for the record, NNB was the best iyashikei since Aria.
File: giga_animehq_124.jpg (426.02 KB, 1200x1652)
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i almost teared up during every episode on my second viewing. truly an amazing show
It is indeed.
Depends: what drugs are you taking?

I rewatched Aria while drinking wine. I've never felt so warm and cozy.
I heard that nnb has some aria tier chapters, but still on my backlog.
I hope they improve the visuals in the BD release, I can't wait to buy the set and watch through it.
That's the special thing about Aria. You don't need to intake any drugs or alcohol just to be comfortable.
Some people don't need either of those things to feel comfortable period.

I can't get past how boring Aria is.
Watched it 1st time. I cried like a bitch.
Watched it 2nd time. Still cried like a bitch.
Watched 3rd. Im still crying like a bitch.
I really need to upload a better quality of that video eventually.
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