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'Giant robot anime is a silly genre' says Pacific Rim screenwriter

>[Travic Beacham] I think tonally it’s definitely an influence, because really what blew me away the first time I saw “Evangelion” was it treated this genre, this sort of silly genre – or a genre that could be sort of silly, and could be outlandish and cartoonish – and treated it with a real sophistication. Which I really liked. I think what I identified less with in “Evangelion” was the sort of apocalypticism of it, and kind of a surrender to human neuroses or whatever…
That's nice I guess. He is entitled to his opinion.
The majority of Giant Robot anime is silly though, which makes sense since it's usually made with you children in mind, though Evangelion is far from the first show to take Giant Robots more seriously, so all this really shows is that Mr. Beacham is just ignorant of the genre,
he's right.

nobody liked evangelion just for the mecha, they weren't even robots anyway.
> you children
young children, rather.
>I h-h-ate anime baka!!!! plz understand our movie is not anime related.

>The very concept of Giant Robots is silly though

but as he said it can be treated seriously if you have the writing to back it up like Gainax
>Evangelion is far from the first show to take Giant Robots more seriously
What make Evangelion more seriosly

The enemy is totaly alien life form, not power ranger like motw.

The robot is not robot, they did't build giant humanoid robot to fight giant monsters.

Even they are fighting monsters, the robot don't have tradition fatal blow like weapon.

Also lots of pseudoscience and details than ordinary robot anime.
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>Say words like budget and funding in your giant robot anime.
>You are now sophisticated giant robot anime
He didn't like the neurosis? That's the best part.

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