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File: haruhiHarrasment.jpg (84 KB, 400x552)
84 KB
What? No Haruki/Kyonko in front page.

That makes me a sad anon.
not me.
What I want to know is the names of the characters.
I got Kyonko and Yuuki.
File: 1205239549236.jpg (80 KB, 531x700)
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Kyonko image dump hijack
File: 1205239630956.jpg (110 KB, 298x702)
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110 KB JPG
File: 1205239714297.jpg (207 KB, 548x600)
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207 KB JPG
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Why is this so strangely arousing?
File: 1205240930433.jpg (87 KB, 700x477)
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This is arousing.
Why does Haruhi look so fucking hot when she's not being a moeblob?
Haruhi, a moeblob? You need to brush up on your /a/ terminology
Haruhi is not the moeblob you faggot
That Haruki is an idiotic garblob
But kyonko is moe
File: 1205244667039.jpg (179 KB, 800x600)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Computer club... so rapable.
"Alright then. Yuki, start raping."
He must have been born dumb.
You're just going to--?!
Wouldn't male Haruhi just be a massive asshole/rapist?
No. He'd be GAR.
File: 1205244996060.png (255 KB, 1024x576)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
(from Novel no.8)

Haruhi's eyes sparkled glaringly.
"So who's Miyokichi? What kind of relationship did you have with her?"
As my ponytail got tighter and tighter, I finally confessed the truth.
"She occasionally comes to my house and eats dinner before going home."
"That's all? Don't you have something more to say?"
I reflexively checked the chest of my cardigan. That action was enough for Haruhi to notice.
"AHA! So you've hidden the rest of the manuscript there, huh? Hand it over!"
Just how sharp was her nose? I couldn't help but feel a sense of admiration. However, just as I was about to speak my words of praise, Haruhi had went on and resorted to force.
As I was struggling, she thrust her right leg between my thighs and executed, as I remembered from somewhere, a brilliant inside leg trip.
"Umph!" I lifelessly raised my voice.
Putting all her weight on my body, Haruhi then pushed me down to the floor. Haruhi rode me like a horse, getting in the mount position. She was trying to slip her hands inside my cardigan. But I still resisted somehow.
Its official, Kyonko is the reincarnation of moe.
That's from Editor in Chief, volume 8 I believe.

Guessing you edited it yourself, since Haruhi is still female in this.
jesus i hate fanfic.. how come peeps actually fap for that.. its like reading a harlequin romance novel.. IT'S FOR FREAKING GIRLS!
images or didn't happen! go buy a freaking porn video
Because I love you, /a/:

Unfortunately, Editor in Chief's illustration only exists in the form of Noiji Ito's sketch. It'll be a while before it ever gets animated.
why people always assume that Yuki would be a rapist?
he should be like female one.. quiet and shit
Yuki was a gigantic slut, so it's only obvious that Yuuki is a rapist.
is there a MANkoto collection too?

Fuck that shit.
wait wait wait, Kyon actually gets VAGINATED in the novels? WTF?
I don't know, because I don't read that shit.
File: 1205252775320.jpg (24 KB, 300x300)
24 KB

Futaba has entered the battle.
I know.
lol wut?
I am getting bored with this shit
I have a ponytail moe.
This is getting old.
Also, sage for viral marketing.

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