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I'm gonna commit a cardinal sin and ask for recommendations here. I'm going to be very specific though, so hopefully that makes it better.

Have any of you guys ever played Drakengard, nier, demon's or dark souls? With those games, I've always got the feeling of being immersed in something very strange and novel, a world that is simultaneously very deep and complex and wholly different from our own. Like being in the mythology of some alternate earth. Far too often anime doesn't go full fantastic, rather it takes the ordinary world and just injects aspects of fantasy. I want something that evokes those feelings.
Read Berserk.
Thats a good suggest but I've already done that.

And Claymore.

And Gantz
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Then . Lick your own anus
If I could do that I wouldn't need anime, now would I, friend?
that's escapism, it's not healthy!
Shouldn't you be making pudding?
Sauce? Getting political cartoons here.
I downloaded this last night. I will be playing this soon.
The best I could trace it to is a podcast that just linked to it originally.

It's of a Throne, a type of angel, so that might help you search.
Ubel Blatt.
Twelve Kingdoms. A rather complex fantasy series with a fleshed-out world and some fantastic characters. Based on the Mandate of Heaven and other aspects of Chinese culture. The only realistic portal fantasy I've ever seen. Also, no fanservice either, if that's your thing.

Last Exile. An adventure series in a very novel Eastern Roman Napoleonic-yet-Interwarpunk setting. The worldbuilding is fantastic, and never stoops so low as to explain aspects of the characters' world that they wouldn't need explained to them. Pretty unique in that regard. Don't expect too much from the protagonist or antagonist, though. Also, there's one scene you'll never see coming in the latter half. Bonus: a tolerable dub, which helps because there's a lot of technobabble.

Beast Player Erin. It's a children's show ("children's show") about a girl and her mother in a well-written fantasy universe, but with a metal guitar solo at the start of every episode. Eventually it will stop sounding out of place, which is when it gets good. Expect: suffering, a badly-placed comic relief duo, great character development. Considered a relatively hipster show on /a/.

Seirei no Moribito. Based on a series of novels by the author who did Erin, directed by the man who did the GitS:SAC series. Excellent use of fight scenes, keeping the violence to a minimum so that the few instances of it are all the more shocking. Ending is kind of lame. Protagonist is sterling.
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It's an ophanim, a biblical angel.

Which was somewhat certainly an UFO.
Try Record of Lodoss War, if you can into old.
Witch Squad Arisu. Or Tweeny Witches, to go by the awful English localization. If you enjoyed Little Witch Academia, you'll like this. Unique animation and approach to dialogue. Hampered by a dedication to obscuring characters' mouths whenever possible to save budget. Protagonist is kind of mediocre. Every episode is half-length, so it's more like 20 than 40.

From the New World. Find out why Squealer did nothing wrong. Explore the fairly reasonable consequences of psychic powers. Marvel at the animation quality's rapid fluctuation. A very alien world, with an interesting approach to the dystopia genre. Guaranteed to cause philosophical debates that will never end.

Mushishi. I assume you've seen it, but if not, it's a very mellow exploration of a fantasy world through the eyes (eye) of an itinerant healer. Less mythological than folk tales, but highly regarded. Is getting a second season.

Haibane Renmei. Kind of mythological, very immersive. A strange setting that isn't entirely explained. You may or may not like this. Hell of a lot of fun though. Pretty high suffering-to-cute-girls ration. Shares some staff with Serial Experiments Lain and Shadow of the Colossus.
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not anime, but The Witcher also has that same kind of atmosphere.

I'll also second Seirei no Moribito. Though it's a little more upbeat than what you're looking for. (I think you've already exhausted all the main contenders OP).

Seconding Moribito. Just don't mistake it for an action show. They use that to get you hooked in the first few episodes, but it's very infrequent. World building, animation, and characters are fantastic.
The Witcher 1 and 2 are my favorite games. Looking forward to 3, but I doubt my i5-3470 / 7850 2GB combo will be able to run it maxed 1080p. Not OP btw.
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Not manga, but The Incal is great.

Almost anything written by Jodorosky and/or illustrated by Moebius is amazing.
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Read The Metabarons too. Written by Jodorosky, art by Juan Giménez.

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